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At our goal is to help you with your entire application process. That is why we keep you updated with the latest news about application procedures and assessments with our blogs and articles. These articles and blogs cover a wide variety of subjects regarding everything you can expect during an application and assessment. In the list below you can find articles with everything about interviews, what psychometric tests are and how to pass them, Assessment Centers, and assessment companies.


How to prepare for a job interview

Most common interview questions and how to respond to them

Tips to Prepare for a Job Interview

Psychometric Tests:

General info about psychometric tests:

What is a psychometric test?

What Is a Personality Test?

What Types of Aptitude Tests Are There?

What Should You Know About Aptitude and Pre-Employment Tests?

Aptitude Test Practice Online

Feedback after Taking a Psychometric Test

Pre-Employment Testing and Personality Assessments

The Importance of Numerical and Verbal Reasoning Tests

Dyslexia and Psychometric Testing

How Job Candidates Can Prepare for Pre-Employment Assessments

How and Why Organizations Can Use Online Psychometric Tests

How to Prepare Yourself for a Psychometric Test?

How Successful Companies Are Using Pre-Employment Testing Today

How to Pass a Recruitment Aptitude Test?

Tips for every test:

Tips to Pass Your Psychometric Test the First Time

Tips to Pass a Vocabulary Test

Tips to Pass a Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test

Tips to Pass a Number Sequence Test

Tips to pass an In-Tray or E-Tray Exercise

Tips to pass an Antonyms Test

Tips to pass a Spatial Reasoning Test

Tips to Pass a Syllogisms Test

Tips to Pass an Analogies Test

Tips to Pass a Logical Reasoning Test

Tips to Pass a Diagrammatic Reasoning Test

Tips to Pass a Situational Judgement Test

Tips to Pass an Inductive Reasoning Test

Tips to Pass a Verbal Reasoning Test

Tips to Pass a Word Problem Test

Tips to Succeed in Mental Arithmetic Tests

Tips to Pass a Mechanical Reasoning Test

Guidelines to excel in Numerical Reasoning Tests

Quick Guide to Help You Pass an Error Checking Test

Assessment Centers:

Tips to pass an assessment center

What to expect at an Assessment Center?

How to Prepare for an Assessment Center?

How to Pass Cubiks Aptitude Tests?

How to Pass a Presentation Exercise at an Assessment Center?

Can you prepare for an aptitude test and assessment center?

Tips to pass a case study exercise

Types of Group Exercises (Assigned/Unassigned Roles)

Tips to Pass a Group Exercise at An Assessment 

Assessment Companies:

How to Pass TalentLens Aptitude Tests?

How to Pass Talent Q Aptitude Tests?

How to Pass Kenexa Aptitude Tests?

How to Pass CEB/Gartner Aptitude Tests?

How to Pass Criterion Partnership Aptitude Tests?