Tips to Pass a Vocabulary Test

What are Vocabulary Tests?

Vocabulary tests are usually made use of to evaluate the width and depth of vocabulary you have. The tests may be based on the number of words that you will recognize, and you may have to know their meanings and understand the context where they might be used. The difficulty of the words included in the tests may range from moderate to extreme, depending on the sphere the test is designed for. Vocabulary tests are employed by universities to provide admission for the applicants and also by business organizations as a part of their assessment centers for choosing the right candidate for a job position.

Example of what a vocabulary test looks like:

Tips to pass vocabulary tests

You may make yourself prepared for the vocabulary tests following a few tips as mentioned below:

  • Read a Lot of Literature and Texts

As vocabulary tests are mainly based on knowledge of the words and interpretation of their meanings, the more words you know, the better will be your chances of succeeding in the tests. Reading books and other literary sources in general, both fiction and nonfiction, is one of the best ways to increase your vocabulary. These reading materials usually have uncommon words that might be hard to find in other generic sources. Reading them will help you get to know new words. Every new word you will come across should be jotted down and its meaning should be checked out in a dictionary. Knowing the meaning of the word may help you become familiar with its usage. A habit of reading is an effective way to increase your vocabulary and so it should be incorporated daily by you.

  • Find Context of New Words

A knowledge of new words alone would not be sufficient for efficiently memorizing them. The usage of these words should also be known to you. Simply trying to cram words and their meanings may be hard and is a difficult approach to learn them. The best way to remember and memorize words is find the context they will be used in. For achieving this, sentence formulation based on these new words should be practiced both orally and in written form.

You may aim to learn a few new words every day and try to incorporate them into the conversations that you are going to have throughout the day. This will help you get familiar with new words and use these words while conversing.

  • Learn Synonyms and Antonyms

Besides acquiring the knowledge of new words and their meanings, you may also learn the synonyms and antonyms for those words. Synonyms are words that have a similar meaning to a word while antonyms have a meaning opposite to that word. Understanding the relationship between a word and its synonyms and antonyms may make the task of remembering new words easier.

  • Learn Root-words Prefixes and Suffixes

A comprehensive knowledge of the most commonly used root words, prefixes and suffixes may help you counter difficult and unknown words in the vocabulary tests. Words with common roots, prefixes or suffixes may have meanings that may be somewhat similar or they may be used in comparable contexts. Learning root words may help you understand the meaning of all the words that will be based on that rood word. This is efficient and time-saving as instead of having to learn and cram all the words having a common root word, you will be able to focus on their root which will automatically cover the words related to or employing that root word. Knowledge of prefixes and suffixes may also help in a similar fashion in this regard. For example, all words that have ‘mal’ will convey a negative sense, making their meaning easier to figure out.

  • Learn Tricks and Memorization Techniques

There are multiple tricks and memorization techniques to help you memorize words and their meanings. One such trick is associating different words by categorizing them. This may be done on the basis of the degree, such as big, large, gigantic, or another parameter. By employing tricks like these, you may interrelate words and remember their meanings easily. Picturing is another efficient technique to learn difficult words. You may associate an image in your mind for a word which will help you remember it. There are plenty of games and challenges, such as Scrabble and crossword puzzles to help you memorize the new words in a fun way.

  • Find Words that Might be Related to Job Spheres

Usually, a vocabulary test is designed and adapted to the job position or the course it is being conducted for. Test that might be related to marketing may have different words than the tests being conducted for technicians. You may prepare for vocabulary tests by targeting the words that belong to the domain or field related to the role that the test is being conducted for. Such words may have a higher chance of being asked in the test and you may save time and effort by focusing on the related domains.

  • Learn Commonly Used Words in Vocabulary Tests

Lists of the most commonly referenced words in different vocabulary tests are available online and offline. You may check out these lists to learn those words that have a higher chance of appearing in the tests. Such lists are also available based on the domain or expertise related to the job position you may be looking for.

  • Practice Regularly

To master any test, there is nothing better than practicing and preparing for it on a regular basis. There are many sample tests available both online and in a written format provided by various organizations. You may take part in these mock tests to be familiar with both the structure of the test and the medium on which the test will probably be conducted. Regularly reading and writing the words and using them in conversation may help you increase your vocabulary and perform well in the test.

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Vocabulary Test

Measures your knowledge of the meaning of different words. You are asked to select the word that best matches the meaning of the given word.
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Vocabulary Test

Measures your knowledge of the meaning of different words. You are asked to select the word that best matches the meaning of the given word.
  • 6 Tests
  • 150 Questions
  • One-off payment