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Aldi Assessment Preparation Package

Online Aldi practice aptitude tests that simulate the question types and time frames of the actual Aldi tests. Start training now and improve your scores!
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Aldi Assessment

Aldi Assessment

Aldi is a leading supermarket chain with over 10,000 stores in 18 countries. Aldi is the parent company of three large global discount supermarket chains, being Aldi Süd, Aldi Nord and Trader Joe’s.

If you are applying to one of the graduate schemes, apprenticeships, industrial placements, or store manager positions you will usually be asked to perform a few assessment tests published for Aldi by Saville Assessment (formerly Saville Consulting). Depending on the position you’re applying to you can expect numerical-, verbal-, and diagrammatic reasoning tests. Situational Judgement Tests are also often used. As a candidate, you always have the right to know up-front which tests you can expect during the assessment. Make sure you verify this before you take the actual aptitude tests. offers a tailor-made package of tests especially made to mimic the Aldi Assessment Aptitude Tests. Start your training now to make sure that you’re fully prepared! By practicing these tests, you will familiarize yourself with the different formats and maximize your chances to ace your assessment and land that job at Aldi. 

The Aldi Assessment Preparation Package consists of:

  • Verbal Analysis Test
  • Numerical Analysis Test
  • Diagrammatic Analysis Test
  • Abstract Reasoning Test
  • Verbal Comprehension Test
  • Numerical Comprehension Test
  • Spatial Reasoning Test
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning Test
  • Situational Judgement Test

All of our practice tests come with extensive explanations and a description of how the questions can be solved. Furthermore, our Personal Progression System will help you track your progress and give a detailed view of your performances. This system will help you identify your stronger and weaker points and provides insight into your areas of development. The progression tool keeps track of your scores, test times and overall progress.

Start training now and get immediate access to the tests and practice 24/7 on your computer, phone or tablet!

Aldi Application Process

Aldi Video Interview and STAR-Method

Aldi Assessment Centre

Aldi Verbal Analysis Aptitude Test

Aldi Numerical Analysis Test

Aldi Diagrammatic Analysis Test

Aldi Abstract Reasoning Test

Aldi Verbal Comprehension Test

Aldi Numerical Comprehension Test

Aldi Spatial Reasoning Test

Aldi Diagrammatic Reasoning Test

Aldi Situational Judgement Test

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