Quick Guide to Help You Pass an Error Checking Test

What is an Error Checking Test?

An error checking test is a part of the aptitude tests that may be employed based on certain job positions to assess the candidates’ ability to evaluate a set of complex data and identify errors in it. These data sets are called strings that are typically a combination of alpha-numeric characters, only numbers and/or alphabetical characters. Thus, the questions include a string of figures and the participant is required to analyze and match them with the options given to them or to something within a passage or text.

Example question of what an Error Checking Test looks like:

Error Checking Example Question 

It may be used to assess the level of analytical skills that the candidates possess and to understand their attention to detail abilities. This type of psychometric tests are usually timed and are given under strict conditions e.g. the candidates may be given merely 15 seconds to identify errors and respond to each question. Thus, it is important to attempt these questions with a good presence of mind as well as being quick with analysis and matching. They demand a high level of undivided focus because they are comprised of a lot of numbers and information or data that is based on letters and characters.

These tests usually give the employers an idea about how quickly the prospective employee would be able to identify loopholes and flaws in the processes and systems, and correct different issues when in work.

Who are these tests for?

Error checking tests may be used as an integral part of the selection process by companies for the following job positions and capacities:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Commercial Business
  • Business Development
  • Administrative roles
  • Financial roles
  • Health-related job roles
  • Hospitality and leisure
  • Education
  • Operational roles

Because of the time limitations and complexity usually involved in these questions, you need to prepare yourself well for them. This guide is here to provide you a better understanding of this test with some useful tips and tricks.

Tips to Pass an Error Checking Test

  1. Prepare Yourself for It

Regular practice is an integral part of attempting any test. However, for error checking tests, you are required to employ a different style of practicing. You should begin practicing with fewer questions to first familiarize yourself with the question formats and complexities. Nevertheless, as you move forward, try increasing the number of practicing questions. This method will help you check your speed and improve on it. Remember, as much as you are required to be accurate in your answers, you are equally required to be quick in analysis.

  1. Don’t Miss out on any Instruction

This may seem obvious but there is a possibility that you may overlook important details given in the instructions sheet because of your haste and time limitations. You should not assume that everything will be the same as you have seen in your practice tests. There may be some special instructions on attempting a particular question to help you in making the correct answer. So, it is important to invest time in reading through the set of guidelines you have been provided with for your own benefit.

  1. Be critical

Error checking tests usually demand you to employ your critical thinking abilities and put them to work. As a result, your analysis should be thorough in examining and looking through the bits and pieces of information given in the test.

  1. Comparisons

Once you are done answering the questions, you should spend a little amount of time in comparing the original information and data that you have received with the rearranged or the corrected one that you attempted to do.

  1. Check your browser’s compatibility

Since these tests are usually taken online, it is better to ensure that your web browser is updated and free of popups that may block any part or section of the test. Checking this beforehand will allow you to disable any online lumps.

  1. Be quick yet accurate

An error checking test may be employed to assess the cognition and reasoning skills of the candidates, so they have to be accurate with their answers. You are required to be quick in your responses and remember, incorrect answers will not get you the job.  

  1. Cross Check and Proofread

When you are practicing error checking questions, take out some time to cross-check your answers with the older versions and look thoroughly into the charts or tables that you have made. Proofing these tests is necessary since this will help you identify any mistakes that you might have made but did not notice.

  1. Don’t Cheat

This may seem obvious but it is an important tip for error checking tests. Sometimes, employers verify results by looking at the candidates’ previous tests and results. They may also employ software and tools to analyze the responding trends and patterns you have used.

  1. Stay Calm

The best way to attempt this test staying calm and focused. There is no way you can pass a cognitive test by fretting and panicking. Panic should be the last thing you will do because it will take your concentration away, which is typically discouraged.

  1. Be Efficient

To perform better in error checking tests, it is important to work efficiently and smartly. This means you should be smart enough to invest as much time on one question as required. The moment you realize that you are taking longer than that to understand and analyze the strings, you should immediately move to the next question because time is precious and you can’t afford to waste it.

Finally, if you follow all the tips and tricks mentioned above, the probability of leaving any loophole will be reduced to a great extent. Just be sure that you have a piece of paper and a pencil or a pen to do any kind of work required in calculating the answers.  

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Error Checking Test

This test assesses your ability to identify errors in complex data sets such as codes, or combinations of alpha-numeric characters.
  • 6 Tests
  • 90 Questions
  • One-off payment
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Error Checking Test

This test assesses your ability to identify errors in complex data sets such as codes, or combinations of alpha-numeric characters.
  • 6 Tests
  • 90 Questions
  • One-off payment