Vista Equity Partners (CCAT)

Vista Equity Partners Preparation Package( CCAT)

The Vista Equity Partners Preparation Package (CCAT) includes Number Sequences, Word Problems, Inductive Reasoning, Matrices, Odd-One-Out, Antonyms, Letter Sequences, and syllogisms. Our hand-picked and tailor-made package provides you with a total of 63 tests and 919 questions to wrap your brain around!
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  • 63 Tests
  • 919 Questions
  • One-off payment
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  • 30-Day unlimited access
  • Online timed test simulation for realistic practice
  • Detailed instructions and worked solutions for every question
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What is the Vista CCAT Test?

Vista Equity Partners is a renowned American Investment Firm that holds its pre-screening employment standards as high as its return on investments. That is why Vista uses the golden standard of aptitude tests found in the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT). The Vista CCAT assesses candidates' cognitive aptitude for work. In more detail, the test evaluates the capacity to comprehend and process newly presented information, engage in critical thinking, problem-solving capabilities, and the ability to learn new skills.

Our Vista CCAT Preparation Package consists of a total of 63 tests with a total of 919 questions that come with full worked solutions. The Vista CCAT PReparation Package includes the following elements:

  • Vista CCAT - Math & Logics
    • Vista CCAT - Number Sequences (13 tests, 325 questions)
    • Vista CCAT - Word Problems (5 tests, 50 questions)
  • Vista CCAT - Spatial Reasoning
    • Vista CCAT - Inductive Reasoning (12 tests, 144 questions)
    • Vista CCAT - Matrices (9 tests, 90 questions)
    • Vista CCAT - Odd-One-Out (5 tests, 50 questions)
  • Vista CCAT - Verbal Reasoning 
    • Vista CCAT - Antonyms (5 tests, 75 questions)
    • Vista CCAT - Letter Sequences (5 tests, 50 questions)
    • Vista CCAT - Syllogisms (9 tests, 135 questions)

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