EDPT Test Preparation Package

The EDPT Test Preparation Package consists of the following test elements: EDPT Abstract Reasoning tests, Mental Arithmetic tests, Number Sequences tests, Verbal Analogies tests, and Math Word Problem tests.
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What is the Electronic Data Processing Test?

The Electronic Data Processing Test, commonly encountered in its abbreviated form as the EDPT Test, is notoriously difficult and raises the level of nervousness for the candidates that encounter it. This test is frequently administered to candidates for Military Marine Corps and Air Force positions that specialize in Information Technology and Computer Programming. A mere 10% of candidates pass the EDPT test. To maximize the chances of beating the competition you will need to be dedicated, efficient, and meticulously prepared by practicing your EDPT test-taking skills.

Our handpicked and tailor-made EDPT Test Preparation Package consists of 57 tests with a total of 1142 questions! The representative Electronic Data Processing Test components developed by our team of business psychologists are:

EDPT - Abstract Reasoning: 9 tests, 72 questions.

EDPT - Mental Arithmetic Test: 12 tests, 300 questions.

EDPT - Number Sequences: 18 tests, 450 questions.

EDPT - Verbal Analogies: 12 tests, 180 questions.

EDPT - Math Word Problem Test: 7 tests, 140 questions.

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