Group Tasks and Exercises

Group tasks and exercises are a common assessment center activity. It helps recruiters assess how you would perform at the job position you’re applying for. You need to show communication and problem-solving skills in action and work effectively within a team.

Candidates are usually assessed in groups of 8 to 16 persons and provided with a problem or scenario. The entire team needs to work together to solve the issue. Typical factors assessed in a group exercise include team working ability, leadership potential and influence, social skills and interpersonal skills.

Tips for group tasks or exercises

  • Use logical arguments and show strong communication skills.
  • You are working in a group, so act as a team.
  • Show confidence and commercial awareness.
  • Don’t overbear and don’t interrupt others.
  • Include your team members and make sure everybody has equal opportunity to speak.
  • Make sure the group reaches a conclusion in the time allocated.

Examples of Psychometric test exercises:

Numerical Tests:

Verbal Tests:

Logical Tests:

Simulation Tests:


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