Clifford Chance Test Guide

Clifford Chance stands tall as one of the globe's most prestigious law firms, its influence spanning five continents. For those aspiring to join this legal giant, understanding and excelling in the Clifford Chance assessment process is paramount. This guide aims to demystify the journey from a promising candidate to a proficient professional, highlighting the critical stages and tests involved.

Embarking on a career with Clifford Chance means being part of a firm that prides itself on its global presence and legal expertise. The firm offers numerous training contracts designed to evolve talented beginners into seasoned professionals. This transformation begins with a comprehensive application process.


The Clifford application journey and aptitude tests

  1. Online application: Your first step is to submit a detailed online application.
  2. Psychometric tests: These are crucial in evaluating your analytical and comprehension abilities.
  3. Assessment day: A day filled with various evaluation activities.
  4. Interview and case study: This final stage tests your practical application skills and personal competencies.

On your road on pursuing a career at Clifford Chance, you can expect the following aptitude tests:

  • The verbal reasoning challenge: At Clifford Chance, the verbal reasoning test is a cornerstone of their assessment. Conducted by SHL, this test involves reading passages and answering questions with True, False, or Cannot Say. It's not just about comprehension; your analytical skills and grasp of grammar are under scrutiny too.
  • Watson Glaser critical thinking appraisal: Progressing in your application may lead you to the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test. Comprising five sections, this test measures your ability to analyze and logically reason through assumptions, arguments, and information interpretation.

The decisive Clifford Case study interview

In this stage, you'll be given material to analyze and summarize. Your written communication skills are key here, as is your ability to articulate your thoughts during the subsequent interview. Remember, there's also a competency-based interview focusing on your professional skills and personal attributes.

Clifford Chance's rigorous assessment process is designed to gauge not just your technical acumen but also your fit within their esteemed legal practice. Each step, from the online application to the case study interview, is crafted to assess various aspects of your potential as a legal professional.

Understanding the nuances of these tests and interviews is the first step in your preparation. Practice and familiarity with the format, particularly for the psychometric tests, are crucial. Approach each stage with confidence and a clear understanding of what's expected, and you'll be well on your way to securing a position at Clifford Chance.

Job Application Training & Interview Questions + Answers

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