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80 tests 1357 questions

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Assessment practice for SHL*

What is SHL?
 is a global psychometric test publisher, talent measurement consultancy, and occupational psychology specialist. SHL operates in over 30 languages and has a presence in over 50 countries. They have assessed over 8 million candidates and delivered more than 40 million assessments last year alone. Numerous Fortune 500 companies, FTSE 100 corporations as well as SME’s are among their clients.

Next to SHL, offers extensive Preparation Packages to practice for Cubiks, Cut-e, Kenexa, Hudson, Thomas International, Harver, CEB/Gartner, Watson Glaser and many more assessment publishers!

Through practice, you will be able to score higher on your aptitude test, which in turn will increase the chances of you securing the job! We will help you to ace your assessment. 

The Preparation Package for SHL consists of the following tests:

In addition, with our Personal Progress Tracking System, you will be able to keep track of your performance and compare yourself with your norm group.

*NOTE: is the #1 test preparation company. We offer accurate practice simulations and preparation guides including for SHL assessments. Important: we are not affiliated or in business with SHL™ in any way. If you have any additional questions feel free to send us a chat. We reply within 24 hours.

Numerical Reasoning Test preparation

Numerical Reasoning Tests are designed to assess the understanding of tables of statistical and numerical data, as well as the ability to make logical deductions. It is common for this test to be related and relevant to the workplace, requiring the job candidate to solve realistic numerical problems. Candidates are usually permitted to use a rough sheet of paper and/or a calculator. Depending on the job level, this test typically lasts between 15 to 25 minutes. 


Example question of a Numerical Reasoning Test. Click here for a free practice test!

The correct answer of the example question above is 2008. This can be calculated as follows:

Step 1: Calculate the proportion of students to non-students for the years

- 2012: 45,000 / (320 + 3,500) = 11.78

- 2011: 44,000 / (480 + 6,300) = 6.49

- 2010: 44,000 / (520 + 4,500) = 8.76

- 2009: 36,000 / (360 + 3,400) = 9.57

- 2008: 37,000 / (470 + 5,700) = 6.10

Thus the correct answer is, 2008.

Verbal Reasoning Test preparation

Verbal Reasoning Tests are designed to measure the ability to understand written information and to evaluate arguments about this information. Candidates are usually provided with a passage of written information, often relevant to the workplace, and are given some statements. The goal is to determine if the statements are true, false or whether you cannot determine if the statement is true or false without further information. Depending on the job level, this test typically lasts between 15 to 20 minutes. 


Example question of Verbal Reasoning Test. Click here for a free practice test!

The correct answer in the example question above is B, "False". The Hastings Line not only served as a way to transport miners and passengers, it still does. 

Inductive Reasoning Test preparation

Inductive Reasoning Tests measure a candidate's ability to draw inferences and understand the relationships between various concepts independent of acquired knowledge. Inductive reasoning questions typically involve a number of diagrams or pictures. Candidates will be required to identify patterns, rules and/or association between them by thinking conceptually and analytically. The Inductive Reasoning Test is also referred to as Logical or Diagrammatic Reasoning Test. Depending on the job level, this test typically lasts between 20 to 25 minutes. 


Example question of an Inductive Reasoning Test. Click here for a free practice test!

The right answer of the example question above is C. There are two patterns to be found

Pattern 1: The colored box jumps one position clockwise every time.

Pattern 2: The amount of colored boxes increases alternately with two and then one.

Reading Comprehension Test preparation

The Reading Comprehension Test is used to evaluate your understanding of the English language, across beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. It measures a candidate's ability to extract relevant information from written sources and make objective judgments on the basis of that information. The questions that are asked can either be specific questions that can literally be found in the text, like a date, or the questions may be general, where the answer can only be found by understanding the meaning of the full passage. This test usually lasts around 10 to 30 minutes with a multiple choice, randomized and adaptive question format.


Example question of a Reading Comprehension Test. Click here for a free practice test!

The correct answer for the example question above is D, 2.1 degrees. This can be calculated as follows:

3 hours and 20 minutes are the same as 3 1/3 hours. The total number of degrees that the temperature increased with is 32 – 25 = 7 degrees Celsius. 7 : 3 1/3 = 2.1. Thus, the temperature of the water rose by 2.1 degrees Celsius per hour.

Deductive Reasoning Test preparation

Deductive Reasoning Tests measure a candidate's ability to draw logical conclusions based on information provided, identify strengths and weaknesses of arguments, and complete scenarios using incomplete information. Sometimes people confuse the definitions of inductive and deductive reasoning. They are both part of 'logical reasoning'. As said, deductive reasoning is a method in which one applies a certain rule given by a statement or argument to reach specific conclusions. In contrast, during an Inductive Reasoning Test the statement or a set of repetitive occurrences help one define or identify a certain rule, pattern or association. 

Inductive Reasoning: A specific given example or a set of repetitive occurrences lead to a rule, pattern or association.

Deductive Reasoning: A rule or general principle lead to a specific conclusion.

The most popular and common form of deductive reasoning is the Syllogisms Test. The Deductive Reasoning Test is administered online and typically lasts between 15 to 20 minutes. 


Example question of a Deductive Reasoning Test. Click here for a free practice test!

The answer is A, only the conclusions I, II and III are valid. 

Conclusion I is valid. Some rivers are a lake or some lakes are rivers or not all lakes are rivers.

Conclusion II is valid. Some lakes can flow since some lakes are rivers and all rivers can flow.

Conclusion III is valid. Some rivers are a lake and can flow because some lakes are rivers and all rivers can flow.

Conclusion IV is invalid. No oceans can be concluded to be rivers because no relationship is established between to two premises.

Calculation Test preparation

Calculation Tests assess your understanding of mathematical equations and your ability to solve problems. It measures your basic numerical ability using problems that contain missing variables. In order to solve the questions, you will be required of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing but also manipulating equations. 


Example question of a Calculation Test. Click here for a free practice test!

The right answer is 22. This is calculated as shown below:

(60 ÷ (-20)) + ( 3 * 5/3 * 5 ) = -3 + 25 = 22

Situational Judgement Test preparation

The Situational Judgement Test is designed to measure a candidates’ ability to choose the action that is most appropriate in a workplace situation. With your answers, a company can assess how you would handle certain situations that you might encounter in the job that you have applied for. In a Situational Judgement Test, you will be given a certain problem related to the job you are applying for, and a few possible actions are given. Your task is to rate the different possible actions from highly undesirable to highly desirable.


Example question of a Situational Judgement Test. Click here for a free practice test!

In the example above the most likely to do should be the second response and the least likely the first response.

The first response is the most effective response as you are trying to solve his problem without having him to do more. By contacting the person who initially received the complaint, you are avoiding having to duplicate functions as the person might have gained some ground in trying to solve the problem.

The second response is less effective because requesting him to call back the next day is unnecessary and you are putting extra stress on him in addition to the problem he already had with his software. You can take out a few minutes and gather the necessary information you need to help him before going home.

Error Checking Test preparation

Error Checking Tests are used to assess a candidates ability to compare information quickly and accurately, which would ensure the quality of work. The task consists of a given row of 5 to 10 numbers or letters on the left side. On the right side, 5 rows of the same amount of letters or numbers are given. All of these rows on the right side have slight deviations, except one. Your task is to pick the exact match with the left row as quickly as possible.


Example question of a Error Checking Test. Click here for a free practice test!

The right answer in the example question above is D. This string is exactly the same as the given string.

Why practice?

Practice makes perfect! You will see that through practice your performance will improve. Familiarizing yourself with psychometric tests is the first step to success. Through practice, you will get a clear picture of what these tests are, what they look like, what they measure, and what the testing conditions will be. is the go-to platform for certification practice, assessment/aptitude test training, and job application preparation. We offer tailor-made preparation packages.

In addition to the fact that all our practice tests come with worked solutions and an explanation on how to get to the right answer, we offer you a unique Personal Progression Tracking System.

This progression system will help you track your progress and give a detailed view of your performances. It will help you identify your stronger and weaker points and gives insight into your areas of development. The progression tool keeps track of your scores, test times and overall progression.

We offer you the tools to reduce anxiety and make sure you get the most out of yourself on the day of your certification, assessment test of job application interview! Research among our users showed that through practice your scores can improve up to 80%.

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To help you ace your assessment we put together a preparation package, tailor-made for your assessment. These tests contain the same questions you can expect in your actual assessment.

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Start training now and get immediate access to the tests and practice 24/7 on your computer, phone or tablet!

Job Application Training & Interview Questions + Answers

Do you have you SHL job interview soon? Then, we can help you get the best for the day and even leave an excellent impression. Do you want to prepare yourself for an application? Do you want to know how you should answer interview questions?

The Job Application, Training & Interview Questions Package is here to prepare you for every aspect of an application. We will help you answer the following questions, among others:

    * How do you answer job interview questions?

    * How do you make an excellent CV and motivation letter?

    * What are your core qualities?

    * And how do you make sure you communicate your weaknesses best?

    * How do you present yourself? And how do you make an elevator pitch?

    * How do you best behave during role plays? What are the tricks to help you do this?

    * What does your posture say during a conversation?

    * How do you use the star method?

    * What is AIDA?

We will answer the above questions in this online application training. And you'll also learn a lot more during this online job application training. Your dream job interview is guaranteed now!

With the help of experts from the field of work, such as recruiters and assessors, we have compiled a complete training program. Structured videos are always everywhere and will help discuss issues such as role play, interview applications, and group discussions. In the videos, practical examples are simulated by professional recruiters and actors. So watch, learn, and know exactly what you can expect!

The Job Application Training Package provides 45 days of access to the Application Training Package from You can practice 24/7 on your computer, mobile, or tablet!

Improve your hiring chances by 81%.

Detailed instructions and worked solutions for every question. Prepare to succeed!

One-time payment. No recurring fees!

Preparation Package for SHL*

Full-length practice tests for SHL, same level and difficulty of the actual test. Practice now, track your scores and ace it! *NOTE: We are not related ...
  • 80 Tests
  • 1357 Questions
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