How to Pass Criterion Partnership Aptitude Test?

Criterion Test

Criterion Partnerships Aptitude Test

According to the requirements of a certain job position, some companies seeking employees to fill up the vacant job positions may organize assessment centers to evaluate the potential candidates and assess if they have the required skills and abilities to fulfil these. There are multiple tests and exercises usually used in this regard to get help in gauging the analytical, organizational and decision-making capabilities of the candidates. These tests are usually designed by different test publishers that specialize in HR consultancy services. Criterion Partnership is one such organization that designs tests for different companies around the world based on their requirements and industrial domain.

Passing a Criterion Partnership Aptitude Test

There are different types of Criterion Partnership Aptitude Tests specially designed for the job positions they will be conducted for. Some of the most common ones have been mentioned below:

Utopia - High Level Critical Reasoning Test

The Utopia reasoning test series is generally administered for job positions that are meant for graduates or top-level managers. The format of the tests may either be online via Coast platform of Criterion Partnership or paper. Different types of assessments in the series may be used to evaluate different skills and capabilities of the test takers.

Utopia Verbal Test

This test is usually used to evaluate your cognitive comprehension and reasoning abilities. The Utopia Verbal Test may be administered both online and on paper. The online version of the test consists of 16 questions that have to be answered in 9 minutes while the paper version has 40 questions to be answered in 30 minutes. The questions in the test are based on passages from an imaginary magazine called ‘Utopia’ whose subjects may be centered on an environment. By going through the information in the given passage, you will be asked to evaluate statements in the question and determine whether they are true, false or it is impossible to say based on the given information. A prior knowledge of environment is not needed for attempting questions in the Utopia Verbal test and all the required data for answering correctly will be available in the given passage. Regular practice of similar questions will help you improve your chances of passing this test.

Utopia Numerical Tests

For evaluating your numerical reasoning capabilities, Utopia Numerical Tests are used. This test is available in both online and offline formats. The digital format of the test will have 16 questions that will have to be solved within 18 minutes while the paper format of the test will have 30 questions all of which will have to be attempted in 50 minutes. The questions will be based on data that will also be related to the Utopia environmental magazine. Various aspects, such as advertising rates, circulation figures, cover prices and readership survey results are covered in the questions. For every question, there will be many answer options and you will have to choose the right one. Knowledge of basic mathematical concepts and formulas will help you pass the Utopia Numerical Test easily. A pocket calculator is allowed in the test and so you may carry one for solving question faster.

Utopia Abstract Tests

The Utopia Abstract Tests helps in assessing your ability to analyze unfamiliar information and infer a solution or a piece of information from this. Every question in the test will consist a set of diagrams or figures which will follow a pattern. There will also be multiple figures given as answer options. You will have to analyze and determine the underlying pattern and select the figure which should be a part of the given set of diagrams. There will be 16 questions given in the test and you will be allocated a time period of 45 minutes to answer them all. Though these tests do not require you to study a specific subject, regular practice and a knowledge of commonly used patterns and techniques used to solve them will assist you in acing the Utopia Abstract Tests.

B2C - Mid Level Critical Reasoning Test

For evaluating candidates who have applied for the job positions of junior management, or those that involve interaction with customers or administration duties, the B2C tests of Criterion Partnerships are used.

There are five different types of B2C assessments, each of which helps measure different skills of the candidates. The questions in each of the B2C tests relate to an imaginary music store with no knowledge of this required.

B2C Verbal Test

The test is used to measure your cognitive reading, analytical and interpretation skills. The online version of the test has 16 questions that must be answered in 9 minutes while the offline one poses 40 questions to be answered in 18 minutes. The questions in the test will contain statements that will pertain to an application for a bank loan. There will be three answer options for each given question – true, false and impossible to say; and you will be required to choose the right one based on the given information.

B2C Numerical Test

The B2C tests generally help assess your ability regarding numerical calculations. The questions in the test will be of the type that you may face while working at a store. You will be given 16 questions with a time limit of 18 minutes in the online version of the test and 28 questions to be answered in 20 minutes in the offline version of the test.


B2C Classification Test

For measuring your capability to perform under a deadline while adhering to the required regulations, the B2C classification tests are used. The questions in the test will consist of different types of stock items and you will have to categorize them based on the defined rules within the given time. The test is only available in print format and has 50 questions which must be attempted in 5 minutes.

B2C Checking Test

The B2C Checking Tests is used to measure your ability of analyzing the minute details in a given information. In the questions, you are given two distinct lists containing stock details represented in different styles with you being asked to scrutinize them for any discrepancy. There are 16 question that must be answered in 10 minutes for the online version and 36 questions with a time limit of 12 minutes for the offline version of the test.

B2C Proofreading Test

If a role requires you to identify any fallacies in written material, you may be asked to take a B2C proofreading test. It is only administered in offline format and has 52 questions to be attempted within 7 minutes. The questions will require you to identify and mark errors in the given text.

Regular practice of the sample questions, having knowledge of mathematical concepts and formulas related to finances and operations, and being aware of a few tips and tricks will help you ace different types of B2C tests.

CWS - Critical Reasoning Test

In order to hire new employees for the engineering, manufacturing or production department a company, they may make use of Criterion Workforce Series Critical Reasoning Tests. The questions in different CWS tests will to the roles that you will be required to perform in the job position.

CWS Verbal Test

The CWS Verbal Test is used to evaluate your ability to understand textual material. The questions in the test generally consist of passages from different safety handbooks and training manuals. There are queries posed on the given passages and you will have to choose the true or false answer options. The online version of the test has 16 questions which have to be answered within 10 minutes while the print version has 32 question that will have to be answered in 20 minutes.

CWS Numerical Test

The CWS Numerical Test aids in measuring your mathematical prowess in relation to basic concepts and operations. The test usually contains data represented in tabular form and there are questions based on this. There will be multiple answer options given and you must select the correct one. There will be 16 questions with a time duration of 17 minutes for answering them in the digital format of the test and 32 questions with a time duration of 20 minutes in the print format of the CWS Numerical test.

CWS Mechanical Reasoning Test

CWS Mechanical Reasoning Tests is used to evaluate your knowledge regarding machines and various principles involved in their working. The questions contain figures consisting of different mechanical devices and parts with queries posted on their operation. Following the questions, there will be different answers options and the right one should be marked by you. The online version of the test has 20 questions with a time limit of 12 minutes and the print version has 40 questions with a timing of 20 minutes.

CWS Fault Detection Test

To analyze your ability of detecting faults just by looking at the given diagrams, the CWS Fault Detection Test may be used. There are ten machines depicted in the test and every one of them has a different function. An operation is usually depicted in the questions with the input and output shown in it. You will have to determine if the given machines are functioning properly or if they have faults. The test is only administered in paper format and consists of 30 questions that must be answered in 10 minutes.



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