Capita Test Guide

In the realm of career advancement, particularly within the UK's leading business process outsourcing company, Capita, understanding the nuances of their assessment process is crucial. Founded in 1984, Capita has established itself as a behemoth in providing consultancy and comprehensive services across various sectors like software, HR, government, and customer management. This guide aims to illuminate the Capita application and assessment process, offering insights into how to excel in their rigorous selection criteria.

Exploring opportunities

With a global presence in Europe, Asia, and Africa and a workforce exceeding 60,000, Capita presents diverse career opportunities in its six key divisions:

  1. Software
  2. People solutions
  3. Customer management
  4. Government services
  5. Technology solutions
  6. Specialist services

Capita's commitment to inclusive and responsible business practices translates into flexible career paths, including early career opportunities and access to the Capita Academy for learning and performance development. This ethos is particularly evident in their engagement with civil operations like the NHS.

Application journey

The pathway to a career at Capita begins with either their apprenticeship or graduate programmes. The application process is methodically structured into several stages:

  1. Online application: This initial step requires candidates to answer eligibility questions and provide insights into their preferred roles. Adding a CV is optional but beneficial.
  2. Online assessments: These vary based on the applied role, so attention to detail in your application is vital.
  3. Telephone interview: A less formal but crucial step to discuss your application, aspirations, and potential fit within the company.
  4. Assessment centre: The final hurdle, comprising a mix of activities and informational sessions, offering a deeper understanding of Capita's work culture and values.

Mastering Capita's aptitude tests

Capita employs various aptitude tests to gauge candidate competencies:

  • Verbal reasoning test: Assessing language and communication skills, crucial for success in most roles.
  • Numerical reasoning test: Essential for roles in finance, technology, and business consultancy, evaluating your ability to interpret and process numerical data.
  • Game-based assessment: Used primarily for apprenticeship applications, this dynamic assessment evaluates workplace competencies in a more interactive format.

Interview and role-specific evaluations

Following successful online assessments, candidates are invited to a telephone interview, and potentially, an assessment centre visit. This stage includes:

  • Role play exercise: Common for client-facing roles, it assesses your practical skills in simulated work scenarios.
  • Group exercise: This evaluates your teamwork and problem-solving skills in a collaborative setting.
  • Written task: A test of communication skills through various writing formats, depending on the role's requirements.
  • Face-to-face interview: An opportunity to build rapport and discuss your experience, skills, and motivation in depth.

Capita's rigorous assessment process is designed to identify candidates who not only possess the required skill set, but also align with the company's values and culture. Preparation is key - understanding the nature of the assessments and interviews, and aligning your skills and experiences with Capita's expectations, will significantly increase your chances of success.

Remember, Capita is not just assessing your abilities; it's also an opportunity for you to assess whether Capita is the right fit for you. Approach each stage of the application process with confidence and clarity, and you may well find yourself embarking on an exciting new career journey with one of the UK's leading companies.

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