Goldman Sachs Test Guide

Goldman Sachs stands as a paragon in the realm of global investment banking, securities, and investment management. With its roots firmly planted in the bustling city of New York, Goldman Sachs has expanded its influence across four primary business sectors: Investment Banking, Global Markets, Asset Management, and Consumer & Wealth Management.

Recognized as a titan in the world of investment banking, Goldman Sachs not only features in the Fortune 500 list but also prides itself on being a constant presence in Fortune Magazine's "100 Best (US) Companies to Work For" since its inception in 1998. Despite its historical controversies, Goldman Sachs remains a beacon for ambitious graduates and MBA students, offering an array of career paths in its 18 diverse divisions.

  1. Navigating the Goldman Sachs application process
  2. Online application
  3. Video interview
  4. Psychometric tests
  5. SuperDay

Online application

The journey to Goldman Sachs begins with an online application, a critical step to make that first positive impression. It's essential to research and align your skills with the Goldman Sachs values. Remember, precision in tailoring your application, including a well-crafted personal statement for EMEA roles, is key.

Video interview

Successful applicants progress to a video interview, with engineering candidates facing an additional HackerRank assessment. This stage is an opportunity to exhibit your skills and personality, requiring thorough preparation for a seamless execution.

The HackerRank challenge: For engineering aspirants, the HackerRank assessment is a crucial hurdle. This platform allows candidates to demonstrate their coding abilities in various programming languages. Preparation is vital, focusing on algorithms, data structures, and, for the math assessment, a strong grasp of calculus and statistics.

Aptitude tests

Navigating the numerical reasoning test: This test, unique to Goldman Sachs, evaluates your numerical aptitude, requiring familiarity with basic mathematical concepts and data interpretation skills.

Mastering the verbal reasoning test: The verbal reasoning test is your chance to display your language comprehension and logical reasoning skills. It involves analyzing written passages and making accurate conclusions.

The SuperDay

The SuperDay is the culmination of your application process, involving a series of in-depth interviews. Preparation is paramount, focusing on Goldman Sachs' core principles and your alignment with them. Knowing your CV thoroughly, understanding the specific division, and preparing insightful questions are crucial for success.

The Goldman Sachs assessment process is rigorous but rewarding, designed to identify candidates who not only have the technical skills but also embody the values and principles of the firm. Through meticulous preparation and a deep understanding of what Goldman Sachs represents, you can navigate this process successfully and embark on a fulfilling career with one of the world's leading financial institutions.

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