McQuaig Mental Agility Test

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57 tests 995 questions

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McQuaig Mental Agility Test

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57 tests 995 questions

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What is the Mcquaig Mental Agility Test

The MCquaig Mental Agility Test (MMAT), previously known as the Mcquig Occupational Test which was developed by the distinguished Business Psychologist Jack Mcquaig, is a test that measures general mental agility, decision-making, and quickness of mind. In the test, 50 multiple-choice questions are presented to the candidate within a time span of 15 minutes. Effectively this gives you a mere 18 seconds per question to arrive at the correct answer! Hence, high performers on the MMAT have a combination of proficient general cognitive ability, the ability to rapidly synthesize data, great decision-making skills, exceptional problem-solving skills, and the ability to sharp time-management while performing under pressure. Even when the candidate possesses all of the abovementioned skills, flawlessly completing the test is almost impossible. Not because of the innate difficulty level but because of the time constraint.

Our handpicked and tailor-made Mcquaig Mental Agility Test Preparation package consists of 57 tests with a total of 995 questions! The representative MMAT components developed by our team of business psychologists are:

Mcquaig Antonyms: 5 tests, 75 questions.

Mcquaig Logical Reasoning:10 tests,150 questions.

Mcquaig Number Sequences: 18 tests, 450 questions.

Mcquaig Verbal Analogies: 12 tests, 180 questions.

Mcquaig Word Problem Test: 7 tests, 140 questions.

Continue reading for:

  • Free Practice Tests on all of the MCquaig Mental Agility Test components!
  • How To Beat the Mcquaig Test
  • In-Depth Tips and Tricks for the Mcquaig Test

Mcquaig Practice Tests

Mcquaig Antonyms

Antonyms are words that have contrary meanings to one another. For instance, hot is an antonym of cold. With antonym tests, test candidates have to choose the correct opposite word (antonym) from a list of possible multiple-choice answers. 

By clicking the link or image below you can practice 10 free Antonym questions.
 Antonyms Example Question

Mcquaig Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning tests assess the proficiency of a line of reasoning wherein premises and the inter-relationships of premises are rigorously put to the test to infer conclusions while also being able to deductively cross out falsehoods to arrive at the right answer. With Logical Reasoning, candidates have to engage in rational, and dialectic argumentation while being able to navigate between opposing views and incorporate those worldviews into a logical conclusion.

To get your brain in the right logical mindset here is a Free Logical Reasoning Test with 10 questions and worked solutions. Logical Reasoning Example Question

Mcquaig Number Sequences

Number Sequences tests are one of the most commonly observed aptitude tests for job applications because of their pragmatism, and speed. In this test, you are to find the missing number in a given sequence. This initial sequence has a defined pattern and you are to determine this pattern and thereby find the missing number.

Here are 10 questions of our FREE Number Sequences Practice Test:
Number Sequences Example Question

Mcquaig Verbal Analogies

Verbal Analogies are a type of basic word problems comprised of two different pairs of words. One of the word pairs that are related to each other in some shape or form is revealed while for the other word pair only one of the two words is revealed and it is up to the candidate to find the correct related word out of a set of multiple-choice answers that fits in the context given. 

 Click the link or image below to practice 10 free Verbal Analogies Practice Questions:


Mcquaig Math Word Problem Test

Math Word Problem Test test a tricky and unique combination of numerical and verbal comprehension and reasoning ability. The candidate is provided with a verbal statement that has several implicit arithmetic statements interlaced in the text which are followed by a question. It is the candidate's task to provide the correct multiple-choice answer.

By clicking the link or image below you can practice 3 free Math Word Problem questions:

Math Word Problem Question

Tips and Tricks on How To Improve your Mcquaig Mental Agiliy Test Score

Mcquaig Antonyms Tips and Tricks

  • Think of a context for the root/stem word; try to use that word in a sentence and then try to find the opposing word.
  • Before you have a look at the answer possibilities, try to think of antonyms for the given stem word. Also, consider secondary meanings of the stem word.
  • Read all the answer options before you decide the word farthest in meaning to the stem word.
  • Break down unfamiliar words into recognizable parts - prefix, suffix, and stem word.

Mcquaig Logical Reasoning Tips and Tricks

  • Several types of figures can be used, even in one grid. Examples of figures are circles, squares, arrows, stars, and triangles. The number of figures used can be of importance in trying to figure out the pattern that is used in a specific grid.
  • Every figure can move places in the grid. This can be a specific number of steps of a back-and-forth movement.
  • Every figure can rotate. This can be clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • The figures can change in size, shape, filling, shading, and even any and all combinations of changes.
  • Try to focus on one rule at a time. Logical Reasoning patterns can be complex and made up out of different facets, try to finish one line of reasoning at a time.

Mcquaig Number Sequences Tips and Tricks

A multitude of patterns can be used in number sequence tests. It is the candidate's job to determine which pattern applies to the context given. Examples of number sequence patterns:

  • Simple addition or subtraction: Each consecutive number in the sequence is computed by adding or subtracting a number to the previous number.
  • Simple multiplication: Each number in the sequence is found by multiplying the previous number by a whole number or a fraction of that number.
  • Prime numbers: A prime number is a natural number that is greater than 1 and has no positive divisors other than 1 and the number itself, such as 11, 13, 17, 19, etc.
  • Arithmetic sequences: In an arithmetic sequence the difference between one term and the next is constant. In other words, just add the same value each time, infinitely. For instance, this could be 1, 7, 13, 19, 25, 31, 37. This sequence has a difference of 6 between each number. The value-added each time is called the ‘common difference’. 
  • Geometric sequences: A geometric sequence is made by multiplying by the same value each time. For instance, this could be 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128. The pattern is continued by multiplying by 2 each time. This number is called the ‘common ratio’.
  • Square numbers: They are the square of whole numbers, such as 1 (=1x1), 4 (=2x2), 9 (=3x3), and 16 (=4x4).
  • Rational number sequences: These are the numbers that can be written as a fraction or quotient where numerator and denominator both consist of integers. 
  • Fibonacci numbers: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 etc. The Fibonacci sequence is found by adding the two numbers before it together. The 2 is found by adding the two numbers before it (1+1), the 21 is found by adding 8 and 13, etc.
  • Using two or more basic arithmetic functions: In some series, more than one operation (multiplications, divisions, additions, and/or subtractions) is used. For example - 7, 9, 18, 20, 40 (here you can add 2, multiply by 2, add 2, multiply by 2, etc). 

Mcquaig Verbal Analogies Tips and Tricks

  • Aim to establish the relationship between the first pair of words.
  • Turn the analogies into full sentences and then read the analogy problems aloud as if they are sentences, even if they aren’t actually written that way.
  • Consider alternative meanings (synonyms) of the presented words.
  • Eliminate pairs in the answers that do not have a similar type of relationship. This technique increases the likelihood of selecting the right answer by chance if all else fails.
  • Read all of the answer choices first before making a decision. This might sound obvious, but candidates commonly stop reading the answer choices once they’ve found what seems like a strong match.
  • If the meaning of a word is unknown, then try to recollect the context in which you have come across the word.
  •  Take another look at the relationship possibilities as described above and try to look for them when trying to solve analogies.

Mcquaig Word Problem Test Tips and Tricks

  • Candidates are required to answer the math word problems using the facts presented in the form of a short text or passage. Importantly you should only use the information given. Do NOT make assumptions about data that is not given.
  • In order to translate the Math Word Problems into actionable math questions you can then solve, you will need to understand and know how to use key math terms. This means that when you come across these words, you can translate them into the proper mathematical action.
  • Take into consideration that many mathematical actions have more than one term attached and they can be used interchangeably. 

How To Beat the Mcquaig Test and How To Improve your Mcquaig Test scores

The golden rule on how to ace your MCquaig Mental Agility Test (MMAT) scores is an obvious one, PRACTICE!

Practice for psychometric tests is misunderstood, and undervalued as there is a general belief that you can't increase your test scores. Nevertheless, dedicated practice is the most essential tool in the assessment training toolkit that you can use to achieve your well-deserved and rewarding job as it is shown to increase your fluid intelligence!

A review of over 50 scientific studies by Hausknecht et al (2007) proved that you can increase your assessment test scores by up to 35% in a matter of days when you are fully engaged in a couple of focused, well-structured, and productive practice sessions. The main methods in which such astounding results can be achieved are through:

1. It decreases your anxiety as familiarity with the test consequentially decreases your stress levels as you have been through the process before and know what to expect.

2. Practice provides you quick access to proven-test-taking strategies when the pressure intensifies during time-constrained tests and your cortisol levels spike.

3. Neuroscientific data shows that brain-training programs like our e-learning platform enhance your focus and ability to identify the correct patterns.

In order to stand out from the crowd and be in the top 15% of candidates that pass the Mcquaig Mental Agility Test, you will have to bolster your mental acuity and mental agility. Start practising, to enhance your fluid intelligence and ace that test to leave the rest of the competition behind!

Why Practice for the Mcquaig Test at is the well-established market leader within the online assessment preparation and training industry. With our unwavering focus and unbroken energy directed towards R&D, we have the best assessment practice tests and exercises the aptitude test industry has to offer. Next to this, our innovative IT team has come up with an interactive state-of-the-art e-learning platform that empowers you to rock your Mcquaig Mental Agility Test! developed the Personal Progression System which allows you to set, and achieve personal goals so you have a transparent method to see how you are improving over time! We created an insightful and user-friendly dashboard that will allow you to compare yourself to your peers by education level. Distinguish yourself from the rest of the competition, give it your all and you will put yourself in the best position to ace the MCquaig Pre-employment test.

Our Mcquaig Mental Agility Test Preparation Package has been developed by our committed team of business psychologists who have the perfect mix of a creative mind, tenure, and expertise required to provide you with the perfect mixture of Mcquaig Mental Agility Test exercises. With the purchase of our tailor-made Mcquaig Mental Agility Test Preparation Package, we will give you access to a total of 57 tests packed to the brim with 995 Mcquaig Mental Agility Test-specific questions, answers, and solutions! 

Our mission is to help you land your dream job by means of making practice for your assessment goal-oriented, accessible, transparent, and efficient. Let us guide you through this process so you can beat the odds. Squeeze everything out of your Mcquaig Mental Agility Test assessment. lets, face it, practice makes perfect, let us help you ace it!

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McQuaig Mental Agility Test Preparation Package

The Mcquaig Mental Agility Test Preparation package includes Antonyms, Logical Reasoning, Number Sequences, Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Analogies, and ...
  • 57 Tests
  • 995 Questions
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