McQuaig Mental Agility Test

McQuaig Mental Agility Test Preparation Package

The Mcquaig Mental Agility Test Preparation package includes Antonyms, Logical Reasoning, Number Sequences, Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Analogies, and the Word Problem Test. This handpicked mix of categories is proven to increase your MMAT Test scores significantly!
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What is the Mcquaig Mental Agility Test

The MCquaig Mental Agility Test (MMAT), previously known as the Mcquig Occupational Test which was developed by the distinguished Business Psychologist Jack Mcquaig, is a test that measures general mental agility, decision-making, and quickness of mind. In the test, 50 multiple-choice questions are presented to the candidate within a time span of 15 minutes. Effectively this gives you a mere 18 seconds per question to arrive at the correct answer! Hence, high performers on the MMAT have a combination of proficient general cognitive ability, the ability to rapidly synthesize data, great decision-making skills, exceptional problem-solving skills, and the ability to sharp time-management while performing under pressure. Even when the candidate possesses all of the abovementioned skills, flawlessly completing the test is almost impossible. Not because of the innate difficulty level but because of the time constraint.

Our handpicked and tailor-made Mcquaig Mental Agility Test Preparation package consists of 57 tests with a total of 995 questions! The representative MMAT components developed by our team of business psychologists are:

Mcquaig Antonyms: 5 tests, 75 questions.

Mcquaig Logical Reasoning:10 tests,150 questions.

Mcquaig Number Sequences: 18 tests, 450 questions.

Mcquaig Verbal Analogies: 12 tests, 180 questions.

Mcquaig Word Problem Test: 7 tests, 140 questions.

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