Analytical Reasoning Test

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68 tests 965 questions

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Analytical Reasoning Test

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68 tests 965 questions

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What is an Analytical Reasoning Test?

Our tailor-made Analytical Reasoning Preparation Package created by our team of business psychologists and psychometric test experts consists of 63 tests with 965 questions in total! It includes the following elements

  • Logical Reasoning: 15 tests with 150 questions.
  • Inductive Reasoning: 12 tests with 144 questions in total.
  • Deductive Reasoning: 9 tests with 135 questions in total.
  • Verbal Reasoning: 13 tests with 156 questions.
  • Numerical Reasoning: 12 tests amounting to 240 questions.
  • Math Word Problems: 7 tests with 140 questions.

Analytical Reasoning entails the capacity to engage in problem-solving, critical thinking, and analysis skills. Depending on the job role, and the set of tasks that you have to complete, you will be needing to engage different facets of your Analytical Reasoning capabilities. Crucial components of the umbrella term Analytical Reasoning’ are Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and, Numerical Reasoning. We will guide you through the process of mastery of these quintessential skills that you must learn to become an Analytical Reasoning champion.

The aptitude tests that you will have to ace during your assessment day will most likely be under strict time constraints. This means that you need to arrive prepared and know what you have to face to stay in the race to land your dream job! 

During these hectic and uncertain times, 100’s of applicants are battling it out for a couple of positions at renowned employers. It can also be the case that you are in dire need to obtain a perfect score in Analytical Reasoning for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)? Students who are in contention to pass the LSAT will have to score highly on Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension to be admitted to the program. The best way to stand out from the crowd is to practice and master the assessment test part of your application. Bring your A-game and they will remember your name!

What are Analytical Reasoning Questions?

When you are challenged by Analytical Reasoning questions during your assessment, whether it be to progress through the employment rounds, a brand new promotion, or passing the LSAT, it will probably be due to an overload of data presented to you in the form of tables, graphs, shapes, and verbal passages.

It is your job to engage your critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities to infer and deduce the right conclusions from the data that is presented to you. Being successful at solving intricate questions requires strong logical thinking capabilities. Especially when breaking down numerical and verbal data to arrive at patterns, ideas, and premises whether it be inductively or deductively. Analytical-type questions are very common in a multitude of pre-employment tests, like the Wonderlic Test and the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT).

Here is an example with the corresponding answer and solutions of an Analytical Reasoning question that uses a combination of Numerical and Verbal Reasoning systems:

Math Word Problem Question


The answer is C.

Solution: you need to find the smallest common denominator of 3 and 7 which is 21. Thus, after 21 days.

Types of Analytical Reasoning Questions

In this section, we are going to take a deeper look at the different types of Analytical Reasoning by dissecting them into their parts and laying it all out on a silver platter. When you have to perform Analytical Reasoning questions during your Assessment, you will be presented with a combination of questions which consist of passages, graphs, tables, shapes and you will have to figure out whether there are any patterns that you can induce or deduce.

Logical Reasoning

With regards to the Logical Reasoning parcel of the Analytical Reasoning Preparation Package, you can expect:

  • 15 Logical Reasoning tests with 150 questions!
  • 12 Inductive Reasoning test with 144 questions in total!
  • 9 Deductive Reasoning tests with 135 questions!

With Logical Reasoning, candidates will be assessed with regards to their capacity to formulate an accurate argument and respond to a posed question through the efficient use of Logical thinking and argumentation. Within the field of Logical Reasoning, there are two opposite brain mechanisms, namely, ‘top-down’  Deductive Reasoning, and, ‘bottom-up’ Inductive Reasoning

Inductive Reasoning focuses more on the non-verbal questions as you are presented with images and have to engage in so-called “ Figural Reasoning”.  The images you are shown include “ next in series” questions, “ which is the odd one out”  and “ figural analogies”. They measure your spatial thinking ability. These skills are not frequently discussed and exposed in everyday life, nevertheless very important to have. Deductive Reasoning questions predominantly consist of verbal questions where you are presented with a lot of premises, ideas, and statements and you have to draw a logical conclusion. 

For further practical application, we give you a no-strings-attached Free Logical Reasoning Test session with 10 questions and solutions. Click on the link above or on the image below to see how you rank against your peers!

Free Logical Reasoning example

Verbal Reasoning

Looking further at the Verbal Reasoning parcel of the Analytical Reasoning Preparation Package, you can expect:

  • 13 tests with 156 questions in total!

Analytical Reasoning aptitude tests assess your Verbal Comprehension skills. With Verbal Reasoning some questions, you are presented with a written paragraph and it is upon you to conclude whether a statement about the text is true/false/can’t say (too ambiguous to tell).

By clicking the link or image below you can try 10 free questions of our Verbal Reasoning practice test:

Verbal Reasoning Example

With other questions, you are challenged to draw conclusions based on several statements. This type of questioning is called Syllogisms and it can be categorized as having elements of both Verbal Reasoning and Deductive Reasoning.

If you want to try your best at the free Syllogism practice test click the link or image below to give you access to 10 questions of the Syllogism FREE practice test!

Syllogisms Test Free

Numerical Reasoning

With regards to the numerical reasoning parcel of the Analytical Reasoning Preparation Package, you can expect a:

  • 12 Tables and Graphs tests with a total of 240 questions!
  • 7 Math Word Problems amounting to 140 questions!

Numerical Reasoning or commonly referred to as Quantitative Reasoning, and, Arithmetic Reasoning does not intend to solely test your proficiency in mathematics. A Numerical Reasoning Test is designed to let participants decipher and logically order numerical data and transpose it to formulate logical conclusions. A basic understanding of arithmetic is enough to ace a Numerical Reasoning test as long as you are equipped with advanced levels of critical and Logical Reasoning skills. Numeracy is an integral part of psychometric tests and you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to figure them out. 

In Numerical Reasoning Assessments, you are often challenged with Tables and Graphs questions where you have to interpret numerical data and decipher the information to arrive at the right conclusion through the use of simple arithmetic.

Click the link or image below, if you want to have access to 10 free questions of our numerical reasoning practice tests.

Numerical Reasoning Example Question

In addition, you can expect Math Word Problems, which are written-out maths questions in a real-life practical situation. 

Click the link above or the image below, if you want to have access to 3 free questions of our math word problem practice tests.

Math Word Problem Question

How to improve Analytical Reasoning Skills?

  • Mental checklist: Quickly determine which type of reasoning and pattern can be found in the question. Is the question an ‘ odd one out’ non-verbal inductive question? or is it a verbal numerical math word problem?  or perhaps it is a combination of verbal and deductive Reasoning conveyed as a syllogism? Every question type necessitates a different strategy to solve the questions quickly before the time runs out.
  • Structure your thoughts: After you have gone through your mental checklist and have been able to efficiently categorize the question it is time to structure your thoughts. If you are allowed to use a pen and paper, learn to write concisely through the use of abbreviations. 
  • efficiently switch between Inductive and Deductive thinking: Work out potential solutions and cross them off if they are wrong. Don’t waste too much time by looking at the details, start with a broad scope and start narrowing your focus, the longer you spend on the question. 
  • Practice mental arithmetic: for the Numerical Reasoning part of the assessment test, it is vital to be quick and sharp with the basics of mental arithmetic if you want to finish the test on time, practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Try to find some mental arithmetic tricks, to tackle numerical problems efficiently. 
  • Efficiently divide the time available: Calculate the amount of time you should spend on each question. If you only have a minute to solve each question and you have been spending three minutes on it, give it another shot if you can finish all of the other questions.
  • practice is key: Practice, practice, practice. It is a common misconception that you can’t become any better in Analytical Reasoning tests. Studies have shown that you can score up to 30% higher on assessment tests if you consistently do short daily practice sessions in the weeks leading up to an assessment.

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Our Analytical Reasoning Test Preparation Package has been developed by our committed team of business psychologists who have the perfect mix of an inquisitive and creative mind, tenure, and expertise required to provide you with the perfect cocktail of Analytical Reasoning exercises. With the purchase of our tailor-made Analytical Reasoning Test Package, we will give you access to 68 tests amounting to a total of 965 questions

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Analytical Reasoning Test Package

Assesses your ability in Logical, Inductive, Deductive, Numerical, and Verbal Reasoning. Requires a combination of 'top down' and 'bottom up' logic to ...
  • 68 Tests
  • 965 Questions
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