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Numerical Reasoning Test

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12 tests 240 questions

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What is a Numerical Reasoning Test?

Numerical reasoning tests are standardized psychometric assessment tests that are designed to measure a candidate’s general numerical aptitude and ability to make correct inferences and deductions from the available numerical or statistical data. However, contrary to popular belief, Numerical Reasoning tests are not intended towards measuring one's proficiency at raw mathematical computation. Instead, they are designed to judge one's capacity to utilize data to formulate logical decisions.

Numerical Reasoning tests are used by all the leading assessment publishers such as CEB/Gartner, Talent Q, Saville Assessment, Kenexa (IBM), and Thomas International. At we know and value the importance that companies assign to Numerical Reasoning proficiency. That is why we have built an expert team of business psychologists with years of experience designing Numerical Reasoning tests to prepare you as best as possible.

By clicking the image below you can practice 10 free questions of our Numerical Reasoning practice tests:Numerical Reasoning Example Question

Our handpicked and tailor-made Numerical Reasoning Preparation Package consists of 12 tests packed with 240 questions with worked solutions! But if you have the desire to stimulate and saturate your brain with tips and tricks, practice tests, and ways to improve your Numerical Reasoning test scores, keep on reading!

What you should know about Numerical Reasoning Tests

numerical reasoning testNumerical Reasoning aptitude tests are developed to assess a candidate on the basis of number operations, ranging from basic arithmetic to advanced level critical and logical reasoning. Numerical aptitudes are an integral part of aptitude class, where cognitive capabilities like arithmetic, number sequences, percentages, financial arithmetic, and data interpretation, are measured. These types of tests can be referred to as “number-smart”, and often categorized as “speed tests” owing to the fact that they are taken under a specific time allocation. These tests are designed to assess basic numeracy and do not allow the use of calculators.

Are Numerical Reasoning Tests are hard to pass?

Wat to expect in a Numerical Reasoning Test is that the difficulty level tends to increase the higher up the hierarchical ladder you climb. Most administrative jobs have a narrower bandwidth of Numerical Reasoning testing facets and lower levels of complexity than middle-level and high-level management positions necessitate.

To address the need for differences in the need for Numerical Reasoning Test proficiencies for the job level, we have developed a modern Personal Progression System that will help you track your progress and give a detailed overview of your performances. This system will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and also provides you with insights into your areas of development while being able to compare results with your peers based on education level! Our innovative progression tool keeps track of your scores, test times, and overall progression over time.

What are the Numerical Reasoning test elements per difficulty level?

Generically, Numerical Reasoning aptitude Tests can be classified as low, middle, and high-level tests, depending on what layer of management is to be selected.

  • The low-level administrators and customer service representatives are often tested for basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), use of percentages, and basic financial arithmetic.
  • Middle-level management is often tested for basic concepts of arithmetic, percentages, financial arithmetic, number series (arithmetic, geometric, square, triangular, golden ratio etcetera), and some basic knowledge of graphical data representation.
  • The high-level numerical aptitude tests are used to assess candidates for key leadership and managerial positions. Due to the critical importance of the role, these tests demand highly functioning cognitive thoughts and a thorough knowledge of arithmetic operations, percentages, number series, graphical data representation (graphs, histograms, control charts etcetera). The test strives to measure the thought process of the candidate, that can recognize logical patterns in data, interpret its significance and use that data to draw sound conclusions. High-level Numerical Reasoning tests are designed in this way because managers and leaders on top have to draw a roadmap for the future, so their ability to synthesize numerical data is important for future trend projections and recognition of emerging patterns, that subordinates are not able to see.

Preparing for a physical assessment center Numerical Reasoning or aptitude test can be stressful due to the fact that you don’t know what to expect. The best way to familiarize yourself is with practice aptitude tests that mimic the tests used by employers and recruiters. has prepared thousands of candidates for their assessments and aptitude tests by offering realistic test simulations with fully worked solutions. 

Start training now and get immediate access to the tests and practice 24/7 on your computer, phone, or tablet!

Types of Numerical Reasoning Tests and Complementary Practice Questions

Numerical Reasoning Tests are founded on some form or combination of basic numeracy, and Numerical Literacy Test elements which are commonly referred to as basic math tests. The tests are designed to assess a candidate on the concept of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of numbers and fractions. It also assesses averages, decimals, and some key geometrical concepts.

Almost all of the companies expect each and every desk job person to be numerically literate. These tests are simple, clear and concise, and are to be done within the allocated time frame.

Numerical Reasoning Tests

The concept of "Numerical Reasoning" is broader than basic numerical literacy test and employ an advanced approach to assessment. This category can be classified as: 

a) Word Problems

Word Problems are a sophisticated and specific type of test that assesses a tricky combination of numerical and verbal efficiency and fluency. The candidate is provided with a verbal statement that has a number of implicit arithmetic relationships that have to be uncovered from the written question. The statement contains all the necessary information, which points towards the solution.

Learn more about Word Problems by taking the FREE Word Problems Test with 3 questions. Click on the provided link above or the image below.

Math Word Problem Question

b) Number Sequences

The number sequences problems in a test are very common, and they are designed to look complicated, which in truth, they really are not. Number series are either picked from the existing number series already developed (rational number series, complex number series, arithmetic or geometric series, square series, cube series, Fibonacci series, Golden ratio etcetera) or a statement is developed by certain governing logic. The candidate has to find the underlying logic and find the upcoming or missing number from the series. 

By clicking the image below you can practice 10 free questions of our number sequences practice test:
Number Sequences Example Question

c) Graphs and Charts Interpretation

In the Numerical Reasoning Test, you will encounter Graphs and Charts as one of the hardest elements found in the test. The candidate has to filter through an abundance and overload of data to retrieve and transpose the desired variables into a logical answer. Another form of such a test can be presented to candidates through the use of tables, where the candidate has to draw a conclusion from related data.

d) Ratios, Proportions, and financial Arithmetic

The test assesses the candidate’s knowledge of ratios and proportions, and the relationship of quantities in reference to the degree of variation for different data types. The numerical tests also employ financial calculations such as profit, loss, taxation, and currency conversions. The tests often use a common approach, and employ unit conversions from one currency to another, using an exchange rate.

e) Advanced Numerical Reasoning Tests

Advanced Numerical reasoning aptitude tests are used for high-level applications of mathematical operations for analysis and data interpretation. These types of tests often do not have a limitation on the question statements and a candidate may have to think “out of the box” to keep up with the format of the test.

Also, these types of tests are often hard to characterize, but what they all seem to have in common is, the degree of accuracy and precision required for the solution of the tests.

All of the above tests can also be found in our Numerical Reasoning Preparation Package!

Tips and Tricks to Ace your Numerical Reasoning Test and Improve your scores!

These effective test-taking strategy tips and tricks are well worth remembering before you take the actual numerical reasoning tests:

  • The most common operations you can expect during a numerical test are addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, ratios, currency conversions. Make sure you bolster your basic mathematical proficiency in all of these arithmetic areas before your Numerical Reasoning assessment.
  • Candidates are required to answer questions using facts and figures presented in statistical tables (work with percentages, proportions, fractions, ratios, estimations, and currency conversions). Note: you should only use the information given; do not make assumptions about data that is not given
  • Read the question and instructions properly. Multiple-choice tests use so-called ‘distractors’ as answer possibilities. These distractors are answer options that are deliberately similar to the right answer; in other words, the answer possibilities are designed to test if you read the question and provided information property. 
  • Don’t spend too much time getting lost in details. Start broadly, and work your way towards a more narrow focus.
  • Be prepared with a pen and a piece of paper when doing the online test.
  • Don’t cheat. Many employers use verification tests to validate your previous results, to see if you have collaborated on your test. Large test publishers often use software that compares your response patterns and performance between the online test and the follow-up supervised test.

The Golden Rule on How to Improve your Numerical Reasoning Test scores

PRACTICE! Practice for psychometric tests is misunderstood, and undervalued as there is a general belief that you can't increase your test scores. Nevertheless, dedicated practice is the most essential tool in the assessment training toolkit that you can use to achieve your well-deserved and rewarding job as it is shown to increase your fluid intelligence!

A review of over 50 scientific studies by Hausknecht et al (2007) proved that you can increase your assessment test scores by up to 35% in a matter of days when you are fully engaged in a couple of focused, well-structured, and productive practice sessions. The main methods in which such astounding results can be achieved are through:

1. It decreases your anxiety as familiarity with the test consequentially decreases your stress levels as you have been through the process before and know what to expect.

2. Practice provides you quick access to proven-test-taking strategies when the pressure intensifies during time-constrained tests and your cortisol levels spike.

3. Neuroscientific data shows that brain-training programs like our e-learning platform enhance your focus and ability to identify the correct patterns.

Start practicing, to enhance your fluid intelligence and ace that test to leave the rest of the competition behind!

How are Numerical Reasoning Test Scores Assessed?

The scores of a numerical reasoning test are evaluated in a similar way as other aptitude tests i.e. on a percentile basis. The score of an individual is evaluated relative to a benchmark. The benchmark is calculated considering the test scores of other employees of the organization in the given checkout or for a particular area of interest one is applying for.

For instance, if one applies for a job in administration and is provided with a numerical reasoning test to solve, the tally score (number of correct answers) is then compared with the scores of people who applied for a job in the administration industry. This procedure facilitates the employer to discover how good a particular employee is in numerical reasoning skills in comparison to other people in the organization.

There isn't any standardized benchmark score for the Numerical Reasoning Test. Test results are calculated relative to that of others in similar job descriptions and education levels. Even if you correctly answer nearly all the problems in the numerical reasoning test, the scores may still be lower than that of other employees in similar roles.

Why Practice Numerical Reasoning Tests at is the well-established market leader within the online assessment preparation and training industry. With our unwavering focus and unbroken energy directed towards R&D, we have the best assessment practice tests and exercises the aptitude test industry has to offer. Next to this, our innovative IT team has come up with an interactive, state-of-the-art e-learning platform with an accompanying personal progression system that empowers you to rock your Numerical Reasoning test! 

Our Numerical Reasoning Preparation Package has been developed by our committed team of business psychologists who have the perfect mix of an inquisitive and creative mind, tenure, and expertise required to provide you with the perfect mixture of Numerical Reasoning exercises. With the purchase of our tailor-made Numerical Reasoning Preparation Package, we will give you access to a total of 12 tests packed to the brim with 240 well-thought-out questions, answers, and solutions! 

Our mission is to help you land that rewarding job by means of making practice for your assessment goal-oriented, accessible, transparent, and efficient. Let us guide you through this process so you can beat the odds. Squeeze everything out of your Numerical Reasoning assessment. Lets, face it, practice makes perfect, let us help you ace it!

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Numerical Reasoning

Assesses your understanding of tables of statistical and numerical data, as well as your ability to make logical deductions.
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