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DDI Adaptive Reasoning Test (ART)


The Adaptive Reasoning Test as published by DDI is an online assessment tool to measure a candidates’ cognitive ability. This test predicts the success on a job. The Adaptive Reasoning Test is an adaptive test. This means that every next question is based on the performance on the questions before. If the last question was answered correctly, the next question will be harder, and when the last question is answered wrong, the next question will be easier. The Adaptive Reasoning Test can be deployed in almost all positions across all industries but is mostly used for professional and leader level positions.

Assessment-Training.com offers a tailor-made package of tests especially made to mimic DDI Adaptive Reasoning Tests. By practicing with this package, you will be fully prepared for your DDI Adaptive Reasoning Test.

In addition to the fact that all our practice tests have extensive explanations of all answers and a description of how to come to the right answers, we offer a unique Personal Progression System.

With this system, you can discover your strong and weak points, and you can get an insight into your points of improvement. The progression system keeps your scores, test times, and personal growth so you can see your own progression.

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Example DDI question.

The correct answer to the example question is B. The following rules can be found to solve the question:

Rule 1: From left to right, the total number of sides on the shape(s) increases by one, each time as follows: in the first row, the outermost shape increases. For the second row, the middle shape increases and in the third row the innermost shape's sides increases.

Rule 2: From left to right, one of the shapes rotates 90 degrees clockwise each time as follows: in the first row, the middle shape rotates. In the second row, the outermost shape rotates and in the third row, the innermost shape rotates.

Rule 3: From left to right, the innermost shape is shaded alternatively. This pattern continues onto the next row.


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