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Cappfinity Test

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77 tests 967 questions

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What is the Cappfinity Test

Are you preparing for the Cappfinity Test (also known as the Capp assessment) to ace your pre-employment screening so you can beat the odds and land that rewarding job? Use our Cappfinity Test Preparation Package to stand out from the competitive crowd of candidates and bring your A-game to optimize your chances of success. The Capp test measures your psychometric test skills by combining elements of Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Critical Thinking, and Situational Judgement Tests. 

Our Capfinity Test Preparation Package consists of 77 tests with, a total of 967 questions packed with worked solutions! Our modern and prestigious e-learning platform is well suited to bolster your assessment test skills and help you rise to the challenge of being a part of the top 15% of people that pass the Cappfinity Assessment.

Keep on reading for:

  • Cappfinity Test examples and practice questions!
  • Cappfinity Test Tips and Tricks!
  • How to significantly Improve your Cappfinity Test scores!

Cappfinity Test Practice Questions

Cappfinity Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning tests are designed to measure a candidate’s basic numerical aptitude and ability to make correct inferences and deductions from the available numerical or statistical data. However, a common misconception is that Numerical Reasoning tests are intended to measure one's raw proficiency at mathematical computation. Instead, they are designed to judge one's capacity to utilize data to formulate logical decisions.

Find out for yourself how Numerical Reasoning tests work. By clicking on the image below you can practice the Cappfinity Numerical Reasoning test with 10 free practice questions:

Numerical Reasoning Example Question

Cappfinity Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning or commonly referred to as verbal comprehension, are tests that are designed to measure a candidate’s ability to comprehend and reason using concepts expressed through words. With some questions, you are presented with a written paragraph and it is upon you to conclude whether a statement about the text is true/false/can’t say (too ambiguous to tell). With other questions, you are challenged to draw conclusions based on several statements. 

By clicking the image below you can practice 10 free questions of our Cappfinity Verbal Reasoning practice tests:

Verbal Reasoning Example

Cappfinity Critical Thinking Test

Critical Thinking Tests are composed of a set of five tests. Each test is designed to address a different aspect of critical thinking:

  1. Inferences
  2. Recognition of Assumptions
  3. Deductions
  4. Interpretations
  5. Evaluation of Arguments

Click the image below to practice 10 free questions of our Cappfinity Critical Thinking Test.


Cappfinity Situational Judgement Test

In a Situational Judgement Test, a number of situations will be presented to you and you will have to pretend to be present in that specific situation. With that in mind, you are going to have to respond or react to these situations.

An SJT operates with four different answer models:

  • Most/least likely to perform: You have to evaluate the situations and choose a response that is accurate and within the range of ‘most likely to do’ to ‘least likely to do’.
  • Ranked responses: In this type of response you will be asked to categorize the options as one that seems most effective, one that seems second most effective, one as third most effective, and one as least effective.
  • Most/least effective responses: In this type of response you will be asked to choose the response to the situation that seems 'most effective to you and the one that seems 'least effective'.
  • Rated responses: In this type of response you will be asked to sort the possible responses to the situation by very effective, effective, slightly effective, not effective, and counterproductive. Each option can only be used once.

Click on the image to practice 3 free questions of our Cappfinity Situational Judgement Test!

cappfinity situational judgement test

How To Improve Cappfinity Test Scores

Cappfinity Tips and Tricks

These effective Cappfinity test-taking tips and tricks should be automatically accessible during your test, so remember them! They are: 

  • Prepare a mental checklist of strategies to quickly determine which types of patterns can be found in the assessment. 
  • Categorize the question type, figure out how to structure your thoughts and cut off the branches that don’t lead to the correct answer.
  • Be wary of 'distractors' Read the question and instructions properly. Multiple-choice tests use so-called ‘distractors’ as answer possibilities. These distractors are answer options that are deliberately similar to the right answer.
  • Be wary of having insufficient information: Sometimes there is not enough information to make a proper conclusion. When a multiple-choice answer states " insufficient information" it may be wise to fill in that option if you believe that there are multiple possible correct answers.
  • Tests usually have tight time constraints: set up a plan on how long you want to spend on a question until you move to the next one and stick to it. Some questions are harder than others and wasting your time without solving one is detrimental to your test scores.
  • Be prepared with a pen and a piece of paper as with Cappfinity tests it can be extremely helpful to not only visualize but also write down the arrangements so you can fill in the voids.

The golden rule on how to ace your Cappfinity Test scores

The best approach to increase your test scores is to PRACTICE! Practice for psychometric tests is misunderstood, and undervalued as there is a general belief that you can't increase your test scores. Nevertheless, dedicated practice is the most essential tool in the assessment training toolkit that you can use to achieve your well-deserved and rewarding job as it is shown to increase your fluid intelligence!

A review of over 50 scientific studies by Hausknecht et al (2007) proved that you can increase your assessment test scores by up to 35% in a matter of days when you are fully engaged in a couple of focused, well-structured, and productive practice sessions. The main methods in which such astounding results can be achieved are through:

1. It decreases your anxiety as familiarity with the test consequentially decreases your stress levels as you have been through the process before and know what to expect.

2. Practice provides you quick access to proven-test-taking strategies when the pressure intensifies during time-constrained tests and your cortisol levels spike.

3. Neuroscientific data shows that brain-training programs like our e-learning platform enhance your focus and ability to identify the correct patterns.

In order to stand out from the crowd and be in the top 15% of candidates that pass the Cappfinity test, you will have to bolster your skills. Start practicing, to enhance your fluid intelligence and ace that test to leave the rest of the competition behind!

Why practice for the Cappfinity test at is the well-established market leader within the online assessment preparation and training industry. With our unwavering focus and unbroken energy directed towards R&D, we have the best assessment practice tests and exercises the aptitude test industry has to offer. Next to this, our innovative IT team has come up with an interactive state-of-the-art e-learning platform that empowers you to rock your Cappfinity test! 

Our Cappfinity Preparation Package has been developed by our committed team of business psychologists who have the perfect mix of an inquisitive and creative mind, tenure, and expertise required to provide you with the perfect mixture of Cappfinity exercises. With the purchase of our tailor-made Cappfinity Preparation Package, we will give you access to a total of 77 tests packed to the brim with 967 Cappfinity specific questions, answers, and solutions! 

Our mission is to help you land your dream job by means of making practice for your assessment goal-oriented, accessible, transparent, and efficient. Let us guide you through this process so you can beat the odds. Squeeze everything out of your Cappfinity assessment. lets, face it, practice makes perfect, let us help you ace it!

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Cappfinity Test Preparation Package

The Cappfinity Test Preparation Package includes our Cappfinity Numerical Reasoning, Cappfinity Verbal Reasoning, Cappfinity Critical Thinking, and Cappfinity ...
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