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Cappfinity Test Preparation Package

The Cappfinity Test Preparation Package includes our Cappfinity Numerical Reasoning, Cappfinity Verbal Reasoning, Cappfinity Critical Thinking, and Cappfinity Situational Judgement Test. It is the perfect preparation to maximize your chances of succeeding in the competitive Cappfinity assessment test market.
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  • 77 Tests
  • 967 Questions
  • One-off payment
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  • 30-Day unlimited access
  • Online timed test simulation for realistic practice
  • Detailed instructions and worked solutions for every question
  • Questions developed by industry experts
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What is the Cappfinity Test

Are you preparing for the Cappfinity Test (also known as the Capp assessment) to ace your pre-employment screening so you can beat the odds and land that rewarding job? Use our Cappfinity Test Preparation Package to stand out from the competitive crowd of candidates and bring your A-game to optimize your chances of success. The Capp test measures your psychometric test skills by combining elements of Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Critical Thinking, and Situational Judgement Tests. 

Our Capfinity Test Preparation Package consists of 77 tests with, a total of 967 questions packed with worked solutions! Our modern and prestigious e-learning platform is well suited to bolster your assessment test skills and help you rise to the challenge of being a part of the top 15% of people that pass the Cappfinity Assessment.

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