Tips To Pass Your Psychometric Test the First Time

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Psychometric tests are usually used by some recruiters to evaluate how suitable you are as a candidate for a specific job role. These tests help assess your personality traits and intelligence by measuring your behavior and cognitive abilities. Using a set of psychometric test questions, the employers narrow down their preferred candidates at an early stage.  Usually, psychometric tests do not offer different scores for different questions and there are no bonus marks for answering difficult questions; i.e., all questions are weighted equally. Additionally, different job positions usually require different types of psychometric tests to be conducted to measure different traits of the candidates.

With proper preparation, you will improve your chances of passing this test. Some useful tips on how to pass a psychometric test are given below:

·      Preparation

Online practice tests will help improve your understanding of the question types and selection of answers. Different companies and job roles require different personalities and skill levels of the candidates. Thus, a thorough research on the company and job role will improve your comprehension in this regard. You should also write down the desirable skills and personality traits necessary for the job role as well as the company’s core values and culture during your preparation.

·      Research

Psychometric tests usually seek to measure your verbal, numerical and abstract skills necessary for the job role you have applied for. Thus, these tests are designed to assess your reasoning and may have many tricky questions for this purpose. You should take time to learn about various types of psychometric tests, their principles, how they are designed and what they usually assess. This information is available on, in the form of practice tests and an eBook.

·      Understanding the Test Questions

Psychometric tests usually consist of numerical and verbal reasoning tests that come in form of multiple choice questions. These questions focus on various subjects, including physical or biological sciences, economics, human resource management, marketing and social sciences. Based on the job role and field of service, different test topics are usually included either in the same aptitude test or in different tests. Abstract aptitude tests usually use shapes and figures in their questions. A thorough understanding of the structure of these tests will help you feel more confident while taking the test.

·      Time Keeping

Psychometric tests should be completed within the allocated time and you should avoid taking too much time on one question, as this affects your ability to cover the whole test in time. Some tests have the provision of going back to previous questions. In such cases, you can skip the tough questions for the moment and return to them once the rest has been addressed. However, not all psychometric tests are designed to be completed; i.e., some may be there for testing how many questions you may solve within a specific time period.

·      Sufficient Rest

You should have a clear state of mind while preparing for and taking a psychometric test. A good night’s sleep and stress-free day will help to ensure a good and satisfying score for you. Some tests may have the provision of rest intervals, so you should use this opportunity to stay alert. Additionally, deep breathing techniques during the tests are recommended for you for relaxation.

·      Test Tools

Numerical aptitude tests may require the use of a calculator. Some other tools, such as log books and charts may be used as well if allowed. So, you should understand how to use these tools correctly before undertaking the test.

·      Mind Exercises

If verbal and numerical aptitude tests are going to be administered in the upcoming psychometric test, you should train your mind to recognize word and number patterns. This may involve practicing puzzles, studying basic mathematics for revision, relearning how certain confusing words may be spelt, or researching word definitions.

·      Updated Internet Browser

Some employers require candidates to take the tests using an online source. These test platforms may be unable to operate on outdated internet browsers. As a result, you should ensure your devices have the latest browser version if you have been asked to do this.

·      Vocabulary

Verbal aptitude tests help to measure the reading and understanding abilities of the job candidates. You should research and read various topics, placing emphasis on the specific areas of interest of the job role and the company. A good knowledge of the vocabulary will help you understand and answer the test questions in a better way.

·      Honesty

Personality tests should be answered truthfully or being as close to the truth as possible. Any lies or fallacies to try and improve test scores may be flagged as inconsistencies. This will essentially reduce your overall score of the test.  

·      Consistency

You should maintain similar or consistent patterns when answering personality test questions. Though the questions given may be framed differently, they may ask the same thing, so consistency is important for you when answering psychometric test questions.

·      Confidence

You should remain confident and focused during the test day. Candidates looking nervous, uneasy or unprepared will attract the attention of the assessors and will also perform poorly. So confidence is the key to ace a psychometric test. By practicing at you can gain the confidence you need.

·      Test Instructions

Going through the instructions on a test is a must, as they usually provide guidance and clarity to understand the questions given. You are advised to read and listen to all the instructions carefully before undertaking the test.

Finally, psychometric tests are scientifically based selection methods that are used to find out certain information about job candidates that would otherwise be difficult to determine using resumes and face-to-face interviews. Chances of getting the job are increased if you are well prepared for your upcoming psychometric test. Prepare yourself at by practicing and reading our eBook.

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