How to Pass CEB/Gartner Aptitude Tests?

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CEB/Gartner Aptitude Tests

To find out the right candidates for the vacant job positions in a company, the HR administration may make use of different types of tests and exercises. There are many organizations engaged in the designing and publishing of these tests and exercises. CEB/Gartner is one such company that publishes different psychometric tests to help in assessing the capabilities and skill sets of candidates for certain job positions.

Tips to Pass CEB/Gartner Aptitude Tests

By being aware of various aspects related to CEB/Gartner aptitude tests, you will perform better in them.

  • Find out the tests you will be taking

The major tests published by CEB/Gartner include:

  • Verbal Reasoning Test

These tests are used to measure the comprehension and analytical skills of a candidate.

  • Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning tests help evaluate the mathematical and logical deduction skills of a candidate with, questions that contain statistical charts, graphs, and tables.

  • Inductive Reasoning Test

To evaluate your ability for establishing relationships and inferring a conclusion from unfamiliar information, inductive reasoning tests are used.

  • Deductive Reasoning Test

Deductive reasoning tests may contain questions that may require you to analyze the given information logically and deduce a valid deduction for it.

  • Reading Comprehension Test

For measuring the cognitive abilities related to reading, a business organization may employ the reading comprehension test.

  • Mechanical Comprehension Test

These tests are conducted for analyzing the ability of the candidates to work and handle various machinery.

Besides these, a few other tests provided by CEB/Gartner include calculation test, IT knowledge test, work behavior comprehension test and UX concept test.

Passing Different CEB/Gartner Tests 

  • Acing the CEB/Gartner Verbal Reasoning Test

To ace a CEB/Gartner verbal reasoning test, you should be aware of different aspects of the test. The questions in the tests may contain paragraphs followed by queries for answering that you will have to refer to the text. For each question, there may be three options given to you; i.e., true, false and cannot say. Based on the given passage, you will be required to assess these options.

Depending on distinct job positions, different versions of CEB/Gartner verbal reasoning test may be employed. These are usually represented as VMG 1 to VMG 6 and the questions in these may vary from 32 to 52 with an assigned time that may also vary from 18 to 25 minutes. By finding out which one that will be administered to you, you can prepare for the same.

Verbal reasoning tests are usually different from comprehension tests, as the text in these are usually related to job domain and may be technical in nature while the passages in comprehension tests may be general.

  • Performing well in the CEB/Gartner Numerical Reasoning Tests

As mentioned before, different types of CEB/Gartner numerical tests are available that may be adapted to the job roles for new graduates, junior managers, executives and directors, technical staff, and sales and customer representatives. Numerical reasoning tests may contain mathematical questions whose difficulty level may depend on the job position the test may be conducted for. The number of questions in the tests may vary from ten to fifty and you may be required to answer them within the stipulated time.

For performing well in the tests, you should be well versed with basic mathematical operators, such as addition, subtraction, fractions, percentages, decimals, and ratios. A knowledge of the formulas and conversions of units and currencies along with tips and tricks may help boost your score in the test and solve them faster.

The questions include graphs and tables, so you should have sufficient practice in these. If you are appearing for a post of a senior manager or one that pertains to finances, knowledge of different financial concepts, including profits, stocks, and report analysis should be acquired by you; as the test may contain questions related to these.

Preparing for CEB/Gartner Inductive and Deductive Reasoning Tests

  • Inductive Reasoning test

Becoming familiar with the CEB/Gartner inductive reasoning tests may help you ace them. The tests may have questions that may depict multiple shapes with some variations based on a pattern. You may be required to determine the pattern from the answer choices and identify the next object that will come in the sequence of the given figures. Another type of question that may be posed may have a figure that will be missing a piece and you may be asked to find it out from the given options. The number of questions in the test are usually 24 with 25 minutes being assigned to solve them. Practicing the tests for building speed, improving your skills and acquiring knowledge of the commonly used patterns will help you do well in the inductive reasoning tests.

  • Deductive Reasoning Tests

You may face deductive reasoning tests if you have applied for a job position in a technical domain. The questions in the test consist of premises or statements that you will have to analyze for their validity and draw a conclusion based on them. Different types of questions in the test may include syllogisms and seating arrangement word questions. The questions may also be represented numerically. There will be 18 questions posed in the deductive reasoning tests that you will have to answer in 10 minutes.

  • CEB/Gartner Reading Comprehension Aptitude Test

For evaluating the cognitive reading skills and understanding of text, the reading comprehension test may be used. Candidates who applied for job positions that might require them to go through textual materials are generally administered this test.

The CEB/Gartner reading comprehension test usually consists of paragraphs followed by questions related to them. For each question, there may be multiple answer options given. You will have to select the right one by making use of the information in the passage. The test can have ten to thirty questions with each question requiring to be answered in a minute. Once you will answer a question, the test will not allow you to go back to it and so you should completely utilize the given time and make sure that you have answered correctly.

  • CEB/Gartner Mechanical Comprehension Aptitude Test

A mechanical comprehension test may be administered for job positions that may relate to those of production engineers and managers. Having proper knowledge of different areas in the field along with those from which the questions will be asked will help you have a good score.

For example, if there is a question that has a diagram depicting a taut cable rotating around pul an eys in a clockwise direction, and you have been asked to find out which of the pulleys are rotating clockwise, you may determine the answer in two ways. The first method is to examine each pulley individually, ascertain their rotation and count the number of pulleys turning clockwise. The second method is to use a shorter technique – if the taut cable is rotating clockwise, all the pulleys directly in contact with the inner side of the cable will rotate clockwise while those directly touching the outer side of the cable will rotate anti-clockwise. If the direction of the cable is reversed, i.e. it rotates anticlockwise, the pulleys in direct contact with the inside will turn anticlockwise while those on the outer side will turn clockwise. Learning such tips will improve your chances of passing the CEB/Gartner mechanical comprehension test.

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