Ericsson Test Guide

Ericsson, a telecommunication and networking giant established in 1876 in Sweden, has been a pioneer in the industry, holding over 57,000 patents and known for groundbreaking inventions like Bluetooth. The company offers a plethora of career opportunities spanning various fields, making it a sought-after workplace for aspiring professionals.

At Ericsson, the range of career paths is as diverse as the global footprint of the company. With roles available across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, Ericsson presents a canvas for professionals to paint their career paths in vibrant colours. The spectrum of opportunities includes:

  • Research
  • Engineering
  • Data and analytics
  • Marketing and communication
  • Account management
  • Legal and finance
  • Field service
  • Management consulting
  • Digital transformation
  • Human resources

Ericsson is not just about offering a job, it's about nurturing a career with benefits like market-leading pay, flexible working options, and the chance to be part of Ericsson's mission to “create connections that make the unimaginable possible.”

The Ericsson culture: Collaborating for a better future

The company's culture is deeply rooted in co-creation and collaboration, transcending geographical and cultural barriers. Working at Ericsson means being part of an ecosystem that is actively shaping a sustainable and connected future, where each employee's success is integral to the company's journey.

For those at the early stages of their career, Ericsson offers an 18-month graduate program focusing on technology and leadership. This program is designed to provide a holistic learning experience, including international assignments, offering a solid foundation for a successful career.

The Ericsson application process & aptitude tests

Navigating the application process at Ericsson is straightforward, yet comprehensive, ensuring that the best talents are brought on board. The process involves:

  • Online application
  • Telephone/virtual interview
  • Technical assessments
  • On-demand video interview
  • Behavioural and functional interviews

The online application is your first opportunity to make an impression. It's essential to tailor your CV to highlight the skills and competencies listed in the job description, ensuring you meet the minimum requirements for the role.

Ericsson's interview process is designed to understand your motivations, skills, and suitability for the role. From telephone screenings to virtual interviews and potentially case interviews for specific roles, each step is an opportunity to showcase your potential. For early career positions, aptitude tests are a critical component of the selection process. These include:

  • Numerical reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Situational judgement
  • Personality test
  • Skills tests

Each of these tests is tailored to assess your inherent abilities, work behavior, personality traits, and specific skills relevant to the role.

The final hurdle: Behavioural and functional interviews

The final stage of the recruitment process involves behavioural and functional interviews, where your competencies, knowledge of the industry, and technical abilities are thoroughly assessed. This stage is crucial in determining your fit for the role and the Ericsson culture.

In conclusion, the Ericsson assessment process is a comprehensive journey that not only evaluates your skills and suitability for the role but also provides a glimpse into the vibrant and dynamic culture of Ericsson. Aspiring candidates should approach this process with thorough preparation, confidence, and a keen understanding of what Ericsson stands for in the global telecommunications arena.

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