Logical Reasoning Test

Assesses your ability to identify relationships, patterns, and trends in a series of images that follow a logical sequence or underlying rules.
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What is Logical Reasoning?

Logical Reasoning can be defined as a pattern of thinking wherein premises and the inter-relationships between these unique premises are rigorously put to the test in order to infer conclusions that are implied by synthesizing the premises and relationships. In principle, Logical Reasoning connotes the ability to engage in coherent, rational, and dialectic argumentation while being able to navigate between opposing views and incorporate objections into holistic conclusions.

Logical Reasoning Test

Logical Reasoning Tests assess your ability to rapidly formulate a variety of inferences while at the same time making proper use of deduction to figure out which line of reasoning is illogical and must be crossed out, and which line of reasoning is logical and may require further investigation to arrive at the right conclusion. Often Logical Reasoning Tests are administered under strict time constraints and it is up to the candidate to stay focused, relaxed and attentive to small details and large complex patterns.

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