How to Pass Talent Q Aptitude Tests?

Talent Q Aptitude Tests

What are Talent Q Aptitude Tests?

Talent Q is an international assessment organization that designs psychometric tests for different companies to be a part of the assessment centers run by them. These tests are called Talent Q aptitude tests and usually contain numerical, verbal and logical questions, to determine the analytical and reasoning abilities of the candidates. Depending on the job specifications, these tests are included in some companies’ assessment centers to hire new employees. The questions in the Talent Q tests are usually adaptable and you will be given questions according to the level of difficulty your skillset will suit well. For every correct answer, the subsequent question may have increased difficulty while for every incorrect answer, the test may ensure that the next question will be of lowered difficulty.

Passing Talent Q Aptitude Tests

There are different types of Talent Q tests and passing them would require you to be familiar with the ones that you are going to undertake. The Talent Q Elements series may be made use of to evaluate graduates and managerial candidates while the Talent Q Aspect Ability tests may be used for departments, such as customer representation, sales, and marketing.

Talent Q Elements

The Elements series of Talent Q is usually used for evaluating the comprehension, logical deduction and reasoning skills of individuals. There are three different tests in the Talent Q Element series of tests, elements verbal, elements numerical and elements logical. The tests that may be administered to you will depend on the job position and the skills that the company wants to evaluate.

  • Elements Verbal

In the Elements Verbal Test, the questions may be posed to assess your reading, comprehension and analysis skills. The test generally consists of 5 paragraphs and on each of these, there may be 3 questions asked; thus making a total of 15 questions. There will be 6 answer options given and you will have to select the correct one. A few questions in the test may even have two correct answers and you must select them both. Therefore, reading each question thoroughly is important to score well in the test. The questions in the tests may be individually timed with the first question for a particular passage giving you sixty seconds and every following question on the same text having 60 seconds for answering. You should be wary of these time limits and aim to build up your answering speed while preparing for the tests.

  • Elements Numerical

The Elements Numerical Tests from Talent Q are usually used to analyze your ability to deduce results by observing numerically represented data. The information is usually presented in the form of pie charts, graphs or bars and 12 questions are asked in the test based on them. There will be multiple answer options given and you will have to find the right ones. You should practice sample questions that have similar graphical or tabular representation of data to do well in the original test. Knowing mathematical concepts, such as percentages, ratios, and currencies will also aid in passing this test. The first question based on a given table or graph may have a time limit of 90 seconds to answer it while for every subsequent question on the same table or graph, you may be allotted 75 seconds to answer.  

  • Elements Logical

Elements logical tests are used to evaluate how well you will be able to analyze new information that you are not accustomed to and deduce a conclusion from this. Usually, there are 12 questions given in the test. Every question consists of a set of figures or symbols which have minor differences with respect to each other that may follow an underlying pattern. You are asked to choose the next symbol in the given pattern from the given answer options. To become familiar with these questions, you should solve sample questions. Each question in the test usually has a time limit of 75 seconds for solving it.

Talent Q Aspect Ability

The Talent Q Aspect Ability tests suite is used to measure and evaluate the capabilities and potential of individuals for the roles of customer representation, service and sales. The tests that are usually a part of the aspect ability suite of Talent Q include the following:

  • Aspects Ability Verbal

The Aspects Ability Verbal tests are used to evaluate the cognitive and comprehension skills of individuals. The test includes passages with generic content and questions are asked based on these passages. There usually will be a total of twelve questions in the test and each of them has multiple answer choices from which you will have to choose the correct one by comprehending the information given in the test. The questions in the Aspects Verbal Ability tests are usually timed with the first question on a given paragraph having a time limit of 75 seconds for answering and every subsequent question on the same passage carrying 60 seconds to be attempted.

  • Aspects Ability Numerical

The Aspects Ability Numerical test generally contains data represented in tabular format and has questions that must be answered based on the given information. There will be 12 questions in total and each of them will be accompanied by multiple answer choices. You will have to analyze the data from the table and answer the questions. For answering the questions, you will require knowledge of basic mathematical operators and conversion formulas. The questions in the test are individually timed with the first question on a particular table requiring to be answered in 90 seconds and every subsequent question on the same table to be answered in 75 seconds.

  • Aspects Ability Checking

The Aspect Ability Checking test is used to assess your speed and efficiency for recognizing fallacies in the given information. The test consists of data represented on a tabular form. There are eight distinct tables with a date in five to six rows each. You have to evaluate the data given in tables against each other and find out if any inconsistencies are present. Usually, each of the questions is individually timed depending on the number of rows its table contains. For every row, 10 seconds are allotted, so if a table has five rows, its questions will have to be completed in 50 seconds.

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