How to Pass Kenexa Aptitude Tests?

Kenexa is a publisher of psychometric and aptitude tests that are made use of by different companies in their assessment centers for recruiting new employees. The tests published by Kenexa help companies evaluate the candidates’ various abilities, behavior, knowledge, intelligence and skillset to determine if they will be able to fulfill the roles at a certain job position if hired. Kenexa aptitude tests are generally designed by professional psychologists after years of research and testing to ensure the consistency of the predictions and results that the tests reflect.

Passing a Kenexa Aptitude Test

If you are going to appear in a Kenexa aptitude test soon, keeping the following factors in mind may help you ace it.

  • Find out What Type of Test You Have to Partake In

There are different types of aptitude tests published by Kenexa. Each of these tests has questions pertaining to a specific area or domain to test different abilities. The tests employed by an organization may depend on the job position the assessment center is being conducted for, the roles that will be assigned to you at the job and the areas that you will be required to have expertise in. Knowing what type of tests will be conducted as a part of an assessment center will help you prepare for it.

  • Kenexa Advance Tests

The advance series of tests by Kenexa usually comprises of the numerical reasoning test and verbal reasoning test. The numerical tests help to measure the mathematical and operator skills of you and the verbal tests help to measure your cognitive, comprehension and logical skills. There are two different formats of these tests, one of which may be administered to the candidates appearing for graduate or managerial positions and the other one for general ability testing for non-graduate roles. Online medium is usually used for administration of the numerical and verbal reasoning tests.

  • Kenexa Numerical Reasoning Test

The Kenexa numerical reasoning tests may contain questions that are mathematical and numerical in nature. Following each question, there will be five answer options with you being asked to select the correct one. The level of the questions is usually basic, especially for the entry level job positions. You should brush up your math skills and revise formulas, basic concepts and operators to answer these.

The questions in the test may contain numerical data as well as graphs and charts requiring you to analyze them and deduce the required information for attempting the question. The nature of the questions is usually similar to the tasks that a certain job position will require you to perform.

The general ability class of Kenexa’s numerical tests usually contain 20 questions with a total time of 24 minutes allowed to answer them. These tests are usually administered for non-graduate job positions. For graduate and managerial numerical tests, the number of questions can be 32 with 35 minutes allocated to answer the questions. Regular practice will help you improve your efficiency and build up your speed for attempting these questions.

You may find that the questions administered to you in the test are different from the ones given to other candidates, but they will be of the same difficulty level and related to the same domains in general.

  • Kenexa Verbal Reasoning Tests

The verbal reasoning tests from Kenexa contain questions to measure cognitive and comprehension abilities. Each question in the test has a text passage followed by a question. The answer options may include – ‘True’, ‘False’ and ‘Cannot Say’ with you being asked to evaluate the correct option out of these depending on the information given in the passage.

Kenexa verbal reasoning tests usually contain 24 questions with 18 minutes assigned to answer them. If you are going to appear in a graduate and managerial verbal reasoning test soon, you will have to answer 48 questions within 25 minutes, making these tests slightly more challenging. Building up your speed using practice tests may make you more efficient in answering the tests. The passages in the general test are generic while those in the graduate and managerial tests may be related to the industrial domain of the job the test is being conducted for.

  • Kenexa Logical Reasoning Tests

While appearing for an assessment center, you may be administered the Kenexa logical reasoning test in addition to the verbal and numerical reasoning tests.

The questions in this test consist of sets of figures with each having a slight variation, the differences in the set are following a defined pattern. Multiple figures may be given in the answer options where you may be asked to choose the one that will follow the set of figures in question based on the pattern. To answer these questions, you will have to determine the pattern and evaluate the answer choices. Though the logical reasoning tests may not require you to study especially for them, regular practice will help build up your speed and improve your logical thinking and comprehension capability.

  • Kenexa Job Fit

The Kenexa job fit tests are made use of to determine if you possess all the required skills necessary for a specific job position and this job is exactly what you have been looking for. These tests are primarily used for screening several candidates and selecting the best ones to take part in an assessment center.

  • Kenexa Behavioral Assessment

The behavioral assessment tests are used to predict how suited you are for a particular role in a business organization. The test gives a fair indication of how well you will perform at the job. You will be asked questions that are aimed at evaluating your personality and interpersonal skills. Moreover, Kenexa behavioral assessment test questions may have no right or wrong answers.

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IBM Kenexa Preparation Package

Prepare with tailor-made practice tests and score reports to improve your performance and help you get ready for the actual Kenexa tests!
  • 51 Tests
  • 730 Questions
  • One-off payment