Abstract Reasoning Test

Abstract Reasoning Test

This test measures your problem-solving and non-verbal skills. It assesses your ability to interpret patterns or the relationship between shapes.
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Abstract Preparation Package

Develop your ability to logically work non-verbal information. Train logical-, spatial-, inductive-, diagrammatic-, abstract reasoning + more!
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What is Abstract Reasoning?

The meaning of Abstract Reasoning may be elusive but in essence, boils down to the capacity to analyze non-verbal visual information in which patterns must be uncovered and reconfigured to formulate logical inferences that can be tested. Abstract Reasoning is a measure for fluid intelligence which entails the ability to have sharp and fast reasoning while being able to unravel, incorporate and rearrange new information to create practical and often unique solutions by using lateral and flexible thinking. Candidates that are good at Abstract Reasoning, are able to solve complex unfamiliar problems, largely independent of prior knowledge and beliefs. 

An Abstract Reasoning test is a central pillar and integral part of any psychometric test and consists of non-verbal questions that depict a multitude of potentially related visual images, shapes, and concepts. Such a test will have questions of varying difficulty levels and the total number of questions that you are able to solve is not the only important factor, the time in which you are able to complete the test is also of importance. Abstract reasoning tests have much in common with logical reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning, and inductive reasoning tests. All these tests are included in our Abstract Reasoning Preparation Package with 60 tests and 800 questions to help you ease worries and anxieties about your assessment test scores. If you want to be especially well prepared and meticulous about your assessment preparation, take a look at our All Test Package to make sure you haven't missed any essentials as The All test Package contains over 190 tests and more than 3000 questions!

Now that we have deconstructed the concept of Abstract Reasoning into something that can be unravelled in a structured and communicable way, let's put the knowledge to the test with an Abstract Reasoning Question!


The right answer to the example question above is D.

From left to right, the arrow rotates each column 45 degrees clockwise.

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You will need to arrive well prepared and do your due diligence with regards to assessments as it was shown that over 75% of large organizations rely on assessment tests for external hiring and this number is expected to rise to almost 90%. In order to stand out from the crowd and to belong in the 15% of candidates that pass the pre-employment assessment round, you will have to polish your Abstract Reasoning skills. With our e-learning environment, personal progression system, worked solutions, and explanations, you will excel and become proficient with assessments. Strive to optimize your test score, and your ambition will guide you along the rest of the way. Our Abstract Reasoning Test consists of 9 tests and 72 questions packed with worked solutions. For further, questions, examples and practice tests, keep on reading!

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