Presentations during a job interview

Presentation exercises are common during an assessment. Delivering a presentation can be tough, and it is normal to feel nervous about speaking in public. Nevertheless, with plenty of preparation, you should be able to ace your presentation.

When a presentation is included in the assessment center, the company may give you the information in advance, but usually, you will be given the topic on the day of the assessment. You will be given some time to prepare, usually 15 minutes or half an hour, and then you will need to present your results for around 10 to 20 minutes.

The employer will be looking for confidence and evidence of strong communication skills. Your presentation needs to be informative, structured, and professional. You need to show that you possess the ability to process, organize, and prioritize key information.

Tips to improve your presentation:

  • Practice and prepare in advance.
  • Remain calm. This is difficult because presentations can be nerve-racking, however, staying calm is key. Remember that recruiters know that this is difficult. They want to see how you perform under pressure. If you start to panic, take some slow, deep breaths and continue.
  • Keep your presentation simple. The assessors will evaluate your general approach, communication, and organization skills.
  • Take your time. Do not rush through the information and remember to show confidence. A moderate pace is important to keep the audience interested.
  • Listen and co-operate. Demonstrate listening skills through your body language and look confident. Project your enthusiasm and put some variety into the presentation.
  • Be prepared for questions based on the material presented.

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