British American Tobacco Test Guide

When considering a career at British American Tobacco (BAT), a global leader in the tobacco industry, it's crucial to understand their comprehensive assessment process. British American Tobacco, employing over 55,000 individuals across 180 nations, has developed a rigorous method to identify top talents for its diverse range of roles. This guide aims to provide an in-depth look into the British American Tobacco assessment process, helping you prepare and succeed in your application. Founded in 1902, British American Tobacco has a long-standing history of growth, resilience, and leadership. The company offers career opportunities spanning from manufacturing to science, each requiring a tailored application process. Understanding BAT's culture and values is a key step in aligning with their ethos and succeeding in their assessments.

Application procedure

  1. Online application form: This initial step involves a standard form where candidates attach their CV, highlighting relevant experience and qualifications.
  2. Culture questionnaire: A crucial stage to determine if an applicant's values align with BAT's ethos.
  3. Cognitive assessments: These include numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning tests to evaluate a candidate's aptitude.
  4. Telephone interview: This may be the first direct interaction with BAT, where candidates can discuss the role and showcase their suitability.
  5. Leadership preference questionnaire: An assessment of leadership skills and problem-solving approaches.
  6. Face-to-face interview: An opportunity for in-depth discussion, allowing candidates to demonstrate their competencies and learn more about the role.
  7. Assessment centre: The final stage, including various individual and group tasks, often concluding with an interview with the department head.

BAT's unique Pymetrics games in the assessment process

BAT incorporates innovative Pymetrics games to evaluate candidates' cognitive and emotional traits. These games, taking about 20 minutes, assess various attributes like decision-making, focus, and risk tolerance. The outcome creates a profile matched to specific job roles, making it a significant part of the British American Tobacco assessment process. Understanding and preparing for each stage of BAT's assessment process is vital. From the online application to the assessment centre, each phase demands specific skills and preparation. The company's high volume of applications necessitates a thorough method to select the best candidates, making each step crucial for aspiring BAT employees.

Embarking on a career at British American Tobacco means navigating through a comprehensive and challenging assessment process. With this guide, candidates can better understand and prepare for each stage, increasing their chances of success in joining a world-leading company.

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