Clerical Aptitude Test

Clerical Aptitude Test Preparation Package

Full-length practice tests, including Numerical Reasoning, Number Sequences, Verbal Reasoning, Situational Judgment test (SJT), and the Error Checking Test. Practice now, track your scores, and ace your test!
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  • 61 Tests
  • 1140 Questions
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What is a Clerical Aptitude Test?

Our tailor-made and hand-picked Clerical Aptitude Preparation Package, created by our team of business psychologists and psychometric test experts, consists of 61 tests with  1140 questions in total! It includes the following elements:

The Clerical Aptitude Preparation Package consists of:

  • Clerical Numerical Reasoning:12 Clerical Numerical Reasoning test, amounting to 240 questions in total
  • Clerical Number Sequences: 18 tests with a total of 450 questions!
  • Clerical Verbal Reasoning: 13 Verbal Reasoning Tests giving you 156 questions to solve!
  • Situational Judgment Test: 12 Tests, amounting to 204 questions!
  • Error checking Test: 6 tests and over 90 questions!

Clerical aptitude tests are equipped to assess a candidate’s proficiency at clerical and administrative tasks. The common line in defining clerical work and what makes it irreplaceable is that it is the foundation upon which an office runs efficiently and productively. Clerical and administrative skills are vital, useful, and useable for anyone who works in a professional environment.

Clerical worker job roles include but are not limited to secretarial duties, data entry positions, administrative assistants, financial administration, office support, and office manager. Nevertheless, clerical work is also a subset of employees’ administrative duties, indicating that being proficient in clerical duties comes in handy.

So you may be wondering, what is asked of me during a clerical aptitude test? The most common elements found in clerical aptitude tests are Clerical Numerical Reasoning, Clerical Verbal Reasoning, Clerical Error checking proficiency, and Clerical Situational Judgment Tests.

What do Clerical Aptitude Tests consist of?

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