Privacy Policy


This privacy policy applies to the process of personal data of all of our users concerning the products and/or services of Making Moves. This privacy policy describes how this data processing occurs and for which goals these data are being processed. Additionally, this privacy policy contains information about our cookie policy. By using Making Moves' products and/or services and agree with this privacy policy, the user agrees to the following applicable terms.

Sharing of personal data is not mandatory

A user has the choice at all times to share his/her personal data. However, to use several of our products and/or services, you need to share your personal data with Making Moves. In case input of your data is being asked, Making Moves indicates which data are 'essential' to use our products and/or services and which data are 'optional'.

Processing of personal data

By using Making Moves' products and/or services, personal data of their users are being processed. This concerns the name and email address. In addition, financial data, like a bank account number, are being processed in case a user buys a Making Moves' paid product and/or service if and to the extent these data are essential for payment of the concerning products and/or services.

Processing of personal data occurs in the following cases:

  1. for the development en execution of a concluded agreement with the user;
  2. for administrative processing: to offer and/or deliver the user the agreed products and/or services;
  3. for invoicing: in case of one or more paid products and/or services. In case payment does not take place for our products and/or services, we can hand out the claim to third parties, like a collection agency;

in aforementioned cases name, bank account data and email address are essential to execute the agreement.

  1. to send the user news letters, offers, user information, service messages or one or more electronic messages which could be interesting to the user, if the user has indicated to agree with this;

  2. to make a targeted offer to the user of for promotional purposes, for example through email if the user has indicated to agree with this.

In aforementioned cases personal data, i.e. email address, are being shared optionally, for which the user explicitly grants permission.

  1. to manage, analyze, maintain, optimize and secure our products and/or services and to prevent misuse and/or fraud of our products and/or services;
  2. to determine strategic analyses and reports of our products and/or services; and/or
  3. in case a user visits on of our (mobile) websites, our servers can (automatically) store information such as URLs, IP addresses, browser types, languages, data and times of visit to our (mobile) website and/or apps.

In aforementioned cases Making Moves has a legitimate interest to process the concerned personal data.

Making Moves will exclusively process the shared personal data for execution of her products and/or services and in particular for the explicit purpose these personal data are gathered for.

The personal data will exclusively be stored during the essential period for correct execution of the aforementioned purposes. In case longer statutory retention periods apply, statutory retention periods as prescribed by the law apply.

Rights of users

All our users have the right of access to file, rectification, erasure, blocking of data, data portability and objection concerning the processing of his/her personal data.

In case a user wishes to exercise one of these rights, he/she can contact Making Moves through [email protected].

Sharing with third parties

Except for the hereafter specified, only persons authorized by Making Moves to secure personal data and/or otherwise processing and/or performing IT maintenance have access to the personal data of users.

For the processing purposes listed in this privacy statement, a processor was hired with whom we have concluded an agreement so that the processor guarantees sufficient safeguarding concerning technical and organizational security measures.

Should you find a data breach nonetheless, it is imperative we are aware of the issue directly. You can report data breaches directly through: [email protected]. Your report and data are treated confidentially at all times.

For the remainder, Making Moves will not share personal data of their users with third parties, unless this is essential for correct execution of her products and/or services in virtue of a statutory regulation or in emergencies as far as this is, to the reasonable judgement of Making Moves, in the interest of her users. This also includes legitimate requests of authorities, subpoenas or court orders, actions to prevent or trace damage or fraud, or actions to guarantee the security of our network and our products and/or services.


Making Moves taken appropriate technical and organizational actions to secure personal data of users against loss or unlawful processing, among which storage of these data in a secured database using Microsoft Azure.

Consent to the use of cookies

For our website to function properly we use cookies. To obtain your valid consent for the use and storage of cookies in the browser you use to access our website and to properly document this we use a consent management platform: CookieFirst. This technology is provided by Digital Data Solutions BV, Plantage Middenlaan 42a, 1018 DH, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Website: referred to as CookieFirst.

When you access our website, a connection is established with CookieFirst’s server to give us the possibility to obtain valid consent from you to the use of certain cookies. CookieFirst then stores a cookie in your browser in order to be able to activate only those cookies to which you have consented and to properly document this. The data processed is stored until the predefined storage period expires or you request to delete the data. Certain mandatory legal storage periods may apply notwithstanding the aforementioned.

CookieFirst is used to obtain the legally required consent for the use of cookies. The legal basis for this is article 6(1)(c) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data processing agreement

We have concluded a data processing agreement with CookieFirst. This is a contract required by data protection law, which ensures that data of our website visitors is only processed in accordance with our instructions and in compliance with the GDPR.

Server log files

Our website and CookieFirst automatically collect and store information in so-called server log files, which your browser automatically transmits to us. The following data is collected:

  • Your consent status or the withdrawal of consent
  • Your anonymised IP address
  • Information about your Browser
  • Information about your Device
  • The date and time you have visited our website
  • The webpage url where you saved or updated your consent preferences
  • The approximate location of the user that saved their consent preference
  • A universally unique identifier (UUID) of the website visitor that clicked the cookie banner