Fidelity Test Guide

At the heart of the global financial landscape, Fidelity International stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in investment management. Catering to a diverse clientele that spans across continents, Fidelity International bifurcates its prowess into two primary segments: Workplace and Personal Financial Health, and Investment Solutions & Services.

Fidelity International, a hub of growth and opportunity, harnesses in-depth research and analysis to unlock new avenues of income and expansion for its clients. With an impressive portfolio management exceeding $500 billion, the company serves a wide array of clients including large corporate entities, central banks, financial institutions, sovereign wealth funds, and individuals.

The career pathways at Fidelity are as diverse as its client base. From internships and apprenticeships to opportunities for graduates, postgraduates, and seasoned professionals, Fidelity is a crucible where talent is nurtured and professional journeys are sculpted.

Graduate and postgraduate programmes & The Fidelity culture

Fidelity's graduate programmes are a mosaic of opportunities, encompassing streams like Multi Asset, Fixed Income, Equity Research, Sales and Marketing, Future Leaders, Technology, and Operations. For postgraduates, Fidelity extends specialized programmes like the PHD Quantitative Analyst and MBA Equity Research programmes.

Experienced professionals find their niche in Fidelity’s five distinct business areas: Investment, Customer Operations, Central Functions, Corporate Property Services, and Distribution and Investment Management.

The corporate ethos at Fidelity is anchored in two fundamental values: Integrity and Trust. This ethos champions the right course of action for clients while fostering an empowering environment for colleagues. The Fidelity workforce embodies bravery, boldness, curiosity, and compassion – key traits that drive innovation and client-centric solutions.

Fidelity's commitment to a supportive work-life balance and career development makes it a nurturing ground for long-term professional growth.

Fidelity international application process

Embarking on a career with Fidelity involves a multi-stage application process designed to uncover the potential and personality of candidates. This journey begins with an online application form, followed by numerical and logical reasoning tests, a telephone or video interview, and culminates in an assessment centre experience.

  • Online application form: This is your first step where you introduce yourself through personal details, educational background, and career experiences. It's crucial to articulate your responses, showcasing a genuine interest in Fidelity and the asset management sector.
  • Fidelity aptitude tests: These tests, comprising numerical reasoning and logical reasoning assessments, evaluate your problem-solving skills and cognitive ability. The tests, while not timed, demand completion within five days of receipt.
  • Telephone/video interview: This stage gauges your strengths and alignment with Fidelity's values. Preparation is key, with research extending beyond Fidelity’s website to demonstrate your industry awareness.
  • Fidelity assessment centre: This final hurdle varies based on the role but typically includes group tasks, a technical case study, a presentation, and competency-based interviews. Here, your collaborative skills, analytical prowess, and presentation capabilities are under the spotlight.

Fidelity International's recruitment process, while rigorous, is a gateway to a plethora of opportunities within the world of investment management. With its strong emphasis on integrity, trust, and innovation, Fidelity not only invests in financial assets but also in the potential of its people, making it a coveted destination for aspiring professionals.

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