Tips to Pass a Syllogisms Test

What are Syllogisms Tests?

A Syllogism test is a method of determining the logical and reasoning ability of candidates appearing in it. Assessment centers undertaken by some companies, especially those belonging to engineering, science and technological fields may include syllogism tests to select the candidates with the skillsets required for certain job positions.

The questions in the tests consist of syllogisms, a type of problem that has two or more statements called propositions, followed by multiple conclusion choices. You are required to choose the right answer among the given options by analyzing the stated propositions and determining their logical validity.

Example of what a syllogism test looks like:

Tips for Passing a Syllogism Test

Syllogism tests can be mastered by learning a few techniques and finding the right approach to answer the given questions.

  • Determine the premises, their validity, and the terms

Every question in a syllogism test usually consists of a proposition from which you have to infer the major premise and the minor premise. The first step is determining these premises, following which you have to find out the major and the minor terms. The major and minor terms will further help in arriving at the solution. The correct solution may consist of both the major and minor terms with the major term behaving as a predicate while the minor one acting as the subject. While solving questions in a syllogism test, following this approach will help you find the answer efficiently. There may also be cases wherein the conclusion may be valid but one or more of the premises themselves may be incorrect. This invalidity may sometimes be overlooked due to the stress of taking part in the exam, so it is important to pay special attention to it.

  • Find the areas related to the tests

Syllogism tests are be designed based on the role a potential candidate will be assigned and required to fulfill in the company. Different types of syllogism tests contain different types of questions, including the verbal, numeric and symbolic ones. You should be aware of the skills and areas of expertise required for the job position you will be appearing in, as the questions in the test will be based on these. A prior knowledge of these may help you be aware of what to expect in the test and practice questions similar to the ones that might be asked in the test.

  • Use Solving Techniques

There are multiple solving techniques for answering the questions in the syllogisms tests. Different techniques are suited for solving different types of questions with each of them having its own advantages and disadvantages. You should learn these techniques as well as the type of questions that you are going to solve using these techniques. Making use of Venn diagrams may be helpful for you in solving questions in a syllogism test faster. This technique can be used for the majority of the questions; however, it may be time-consuming for some questions that might be faster to resolve directly without using any technique. For the questions wherein there is no possibility of a derivable conclusion, using the Venn Diagrams may be inefficient and a waste of time. Knowledge of multiple solving techniques and how and when to use them will help you perform better and faster in the syllogism tests.

  • Deduce the Answer Before Considering the Given Answer Option

While answering a syllogism test question, you should analyze the given propositions or statements and deduce an answer to the question instead of searching for the right answer from the given choices. Though one of the given answer choices may appear to be correct, it may still not be true. You should follow a systematic approach for deducing the right answer. Once you have inferred the answer from the given propositions, you would know what to look for while going through the given response options; thus enabling you to find out the correct solution. Looking at the answers before solving the question may confuse you leading to wasting your precious time.

  • Strategizing and Time Management

Usually, syllogism tests are timed tests with a fixed amount of time given to the candidates to answer the given set of questions. It is important for you to allocate your time among all questions appropriately and solve them accordingly. A prior knowledge of the test format may help you to be aware of the sections that the test will be divided into and the number of questions in each section. This may help you plan the time you will allocate for each section and question.

  • Practice

Mastering the syllogism tests requires an extensive amount of practice on your part. As these tests are usually based on the logical and reasoning abilities, the knowledge you possess will play a limited part and ultimately it will come down to your skills. The best way for you to improve your logical skills and reasoning ability is regularly practicing for the tests. There are multiple sample syllogism tests available. Regular practice will also help you master the best approaches and techniques for improving your performance in the test. With regular practice, you will know the best approach for a particular question to solve it fast and efficiently.

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Syllogisms Test

Measures your deductive- and logical reasoning ability. Conclusions are drawn from given statements that need to be judged on validity.
  • 9 Tests
  • 135 Questions
  • One-off payment
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Syllogisms Test

Measures your deductive- and logical reasoning ability. Conclusions are drawn from given statements that need to be judged on validity.
  • 9 Tests
  • 135 Questions
  • One-off payment