Global General Service Test (GGST)

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37 tests 600 questions

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Global General Service Test (GGST)

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37 tests 600 questions

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What is The Global General Service Test?

The Global General Service Test, commonly referred to as the GGST Test, is a test that is administered to nearly all of those who apply for a position at the United Nations General Services. The GGST is a pre-employment screening test that is administered online to candidates and the results are standardized and compared versus benchmark norms for that particular job role at the UN General Services. Only 20% of candidates obtain a pass mark for the GGST test. To optimize your chances of beating the competition to that rewarding position at the General Services you will have to engage in dedicated and meticulous practice!

Our handpicked and tailor-made GGST Assessment Preparation Package consists of 37 tests with a total of 600 questions! The representative Global General Service Test components developed by our team of business psychologists are:

​GGST - Numerical Reasoning: 12 tests, 240 questions.

​GGS​T - Verbal Reasoning: 13 tests, 156 questions.

​GGS​T Situational Judgement Test: 12 tests, 204 questions.

Continue reading for:

  • Free Practice Tests on all of the GGST Test components!
  • How To Improve your GGST Test scores!
  • In-Depth Tips and Tricks for the GGST Test!

What Does the Global General Service Test Consist Of?

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning tests provide GGST with information about your general verbal aptitude and verbal intelligence. These tests are designed to assess verbal comprehension and verbal logic by analyzing paragraphs and statements in short and context-rich paragraphs. In our Global General Service Test Preparation Package, we give you access to 13 GGST Verbal Reasoning Tests amounting to a total of 156 questions!

By clicking the image below you can practice 10 free questions of our GGST verbal reasoning practice tests:

Verbal Reasoning Example

Numerical Reasoning

Numerical Reasoning assessments are developed to measure a candidate’s numerical skills based on number operations, ranging from basic mental arithmetic to an advanced level of critical thinking and logical reasoning. Numerical Reasoning is a professionally sought-after hard skill that should not be underestimated as it knows many uses. Numerical reasoning tests can be referred to as “number-savvy”, and are often framed as “speed tests” because they have stringent time constraints. These tests are equipped to assess basic numerical ability and generally do not allow the use of calculators. In our GGST Test Preparation Package, we provide you with 12 Numerical Reasoning Tests, amounting to 240 questions in total!

By clicking the image below you can practice 10 free questions of our GGST Numerical Reasoning practice tests:Numerical Reasoning Example Question

Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

Situational Judgment tests provide the Global General Service Test with the necessary information of your general ability to choose the most appropriate action in typical workplace situations. These tests are designed to assess your ability to handle simulated realistic work situations and tackle problems that you will likely encounter during work.

A Global General Service Test operates with four distinguishable answering templates, namely:

  1. Most/least likely to perform: It is your job to evaluate the work situations and choose an accurate prioritization response with regards to the scale from ‘ most likely to do’ to  ‘least likely to do’ scale. 
  2. Ranked responses: here you will be requested to categorize and rank order the options as one that seems ‘ most effective’, 'second most effective ',’ third most effective’, and ‘least effective’.
  3. Rated responses: WIth this response type, you will be required to sort and label the hypothetical responses from ‘very effective’, ‘effective’, ‘slightly effective’, ‘not effective’, to ‘ counterproductive’. You may only use each response, once.
  4. Most/least effective responses: Here, you will be asked to formulate both a ‘most effective response’ and, ‘ least effective response’.

In our Global General Service Test, we provide you with 12 Situational Judgment Tests providing you a total of 204 questions to challenge you with.

By clicking the image below you can practice 10 free questions of our GGST Situational Judgement Test.


How To Prepare for The Global General Service Test?

The golden rule that you must use to maximize your Global General Service Test scores is an obvious one, PRACTICE!

Practice for psychometric tests is misunderstood, and undervalued as there is a general belief that you can't increase your test scores. Nevertheless, dedicated practice is the most essential tool in the assessment training toolkit that you can use to achieve your well-deserved and rewarding job at the General Services as it is shown to increase your fluid intelligence!

A review of over 50 scientific studies by Hausknecht et al (2007) proved that you are able to increase your assessment test scores by up to 35% in a matter of days when you are fully engaged in a couple of focused, well-structured, and productive practice sessions. The main methods in which such astounding results can be achieved are through:

1. Practice decreases the level of anxiety experienced due to the familiarity with the test. The familiarity effect leads to decreased stress levels as physiologically knowing the stressors that come with the examination process beforehand reduces the cortisol levels in the brain which are known to decrease cognitive performance.

2. Practice provides you quick access to proven-test-taking strategies when the pressure intensifies during time-constrained tests.

3. Neuroscientific data shows that brain-training programs like our e-learning platform enhance your focus and ability to identify the correct patterns.

To stand out from the crowd and be in the top 15% of candidates that pass the Global General Service Test, you will have to bolster your mental acuity and mental agility. Start practicing, to enhance your fluid intelligence and ace that GGST test to leave the rest of the competition behind!

Tips and Tricks for The Global General Service Test

GGST - Numerical Reasoning - Tips and Tricks

  • Basic comprehension of common operations: during a numerical test you can expect to be presented with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, ratios, and currency conversions. Brush up on your basic mathematical proficiency before your GGST Numerical Reasoning assessment.
  • Make a quick scan of the facts and figures in graphs and tables as they are required to answer questions usually through combining loose pieces of information in the data set and performing common operations on them 
  • Start broad and narrow your focus. As GGST Numerical Reasoning Tests are performed under stringent time constraints, you generally have about 60 seconds per question. Try to untangle the strains of data and reconfigure them to find the correct mathematical path in the first 30 seconds so you have enough time to solve it in the last 30.

GGST - Verbal Reasoning - Tips and Tricks

  • Answer questions using the provided information only. It might happen that an exercise contains factually incorrect information to mislead you with so-called "distractors".
  • Take the time to understand the question as some sentences may be worded ambiguously to confuse the thinking process. Try to strike a good balance between speed, and verbal comprehension as tests are usually time-constrained.
  • Stick to three basic principles:
    • Interpret the passage as literally as possible.
    • Implicit statements in the passage are not necessarily true unless but explicit statements are.
    • If you cannot find the answer in the passage then it is not there.

GGST - Situational Judgement - Tips and Tricks

  • Know your role at the company. Situational Judgement Tests are often specifically tailored to the job description that your potential future employer has listed. Therefore mentally prepare for the specific situations and responses that they make ask you to perform. 
  • Understand which Core Competency is questioned. Each question of the Situational Judgement Test focuses on a Core Competency such as cognitive ability, social and emotional intelligence, and leadership skills.
  • Identify the underlying problem the question is highlighting and deconstruct it to its core.
  • Only consider the options listed and don't make assumptions about the situation other than the information you are presented with.

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GGST Assessment Preparation Package

The Global General Service Test Assessment Preparation Package consists of the following test elements: Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and the ...
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