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Inductive Reasoning FREE

1 free test

Inductive Reasoning Tests present a series of figures where you need to identify a pattern and select the missing figure. By practicing with 12 tests and 144 questions you will discover these patterns faster and more accurately.

Antonyms Test FREE

1 free test

In an Antonyms Test, you must choose the correct opposite word (antonym) out of a list of possible answers. For example, “full” is an antonym of “empty”. By practicing with 5 tests and 75 questions you will improve your vocabulary skills and will be one step closer to ace your assessment.

Error / Data Checking Test FREE

1 free test

Error/Data Checking Tests are developed to assess your skills in information interpretation and accuracy. Develop your skills in this area with 6 tests and 90 questions to improve your attention to detail and come closer to a perfect score.

Number Sequences FREE

1 free test

In a Number Sequences Test, you are asked to find a connection between given numbers in a sequence and choose the right number that comes next. Solve your Number Sequences tests faster and better by practicing with 13 tests and 325 questions.