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Inductive Reasoning FREE

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Inductive reasoning is, just like numerical reasoning, a frequent theme during the assessment. You will get to see a series of figures, which represents a logical sequence of five boxes. Your task is to decide which of the boxes completes this sequence.

Antonyms Test FREE

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An antonym is simply a word which is of contrary meaning to another - ' big' is an antonym to 'small' and ' wet' is the antonym of ' dry'. The antonyms aptitude test is used to assess your verbal reasoning abilities

Error / Data Checking Test FREE

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The error / data checking tests are developed to test your attention te detail, ability to check information and your analytical skills.They assess your performance level and are used for jobs in banking, finance and engineering fields.

Number Sequences FREE

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Number sequences are used in aptitude tests, psychometric assessments and IQ-tests to test your ability to reason with numbers.