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46 tests 658 questions

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Capital One Assessment

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46 tests 658 questions

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What is the Capital One Assessment Test

Capital One is an S&P 100 world-renowned bank that is garnering attention as one of the big greenback fishes in the United States and the United Kingdom. With over 50.000 employees working for Capital One, they are a popular and sought-after employer as the mean job satisfaction is 4.0/5.0. However, don’t be deceived by the equally popular misconception that the hiring process is easy. The entire process will take a month or two before you will figure out if your much-anticipated desire to work there is matched by the managing team, so hold on for the ride and make sure you ace it!

Our tailor-made and hand-picked Capital One Preparation Package, created by our team of business psychologists and psychometric test experts consists of 46 tests with over 658 questions in total! The Capital One Preparation Package includes the following elements:

  • Abstract Reasoning: 9 tests 72 questions + extra...
    • Odd-one out: 5 test  with 50 questions
  • Numerical Reasoning: 12 tests amounting to 240 questions + extra…
    • Math Word Problems: 7 tests with 140 questions.
  • Verbal Reasoning: 13 tests with 156 questions.

Capital One Careers Hiring Process 

  • Online Application: Here you will have to submit your Resume and Motivational Letter.
  • Online Aptitude Test: The assessment that Capital One will employ is a crucial screening tool that they employ to cull the herd of stampeding employees throwing themselves at their financial stronghold.
  • Video Interview: The changing and turbulent times due to the pandemic have created a necessary digital environment where video interviews are conducted and seen as the standard for the Capital One Hiring Process. 
  • In-Person Interview: The in-person interview will be an extension of the online video interview and you will be going into more technical detail and depth with regards to your job role at Capital One.

Capital One Assessment Question Types and Examples

We are here to lay out all the components of the Capital One Assessment Test on a silver platter. Capital One will test you on a large variety of different cognitive abilities and you have to come prepared to stay in contention for your Capital One manager’s attention. The variety of aptitude tests that you will need to ace are:

Capital One Abstract Reasoning

Abstract Reasoning is a non-verbal reasoning type question where you can test someone’s general intelligence through means of logical reasoning. In an Abstract Reasoning test, you will either be asked to identify a missing item, diagram, or figure which completes a pattern of logic, or you will have to point out which item, or figure does not fit in the pattern of logic that you have observed.

By clicking the image below, you can practice 8 free questions of our abstract reasoning practice tests:

Abstract Reasoning

By the way, the right answer to this example question is D. To the keen observer it becomes evident that the arrow rotates clockwise with each horizontal column by 45 degrees.

Capital One Verbal Reasoning

Your obtained scores for a Verbal Reasoning test will provide Capital One with information about your general verbal aptitude and verbal intelligence. These tests are constructed to measure your ability towards verbal comprehension and your verbal rationale through analyzing concepts and statements stated in short and context-rich paragraphs. With some questions, you will be challenged to draw conclusions based on a variety of statements, with other questions, you will be required to determine whether a statement about a text is true/false or that it is too ambiguous to tell (can’t say).

 In our Capital One Test Preparation Package, we give you access to 13 Verbal Reasoning Tests amounting to a total of 156 questions! By clicking the image below you can practice 10 free questions of our verbal reasoning practice tests:

verbal reasoning test

Capital One Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning assessment tests assess a candidate based on number operations, ranging from basic mental arithmetic to an expert level of logical reasoning and critical thinking. Numerical Reasoning is an indispensable hard skill and its utility can’t be underestimated.

Numerical reasoning tests are commonly referred to as “number-savvy”, and severely impacted by time constraints, which means time is of the essence with Numerical Reasoning. In our Capital One Test Package, we provide you with 12 Numerical Reasoning Tests, amounting to 240 questions in total!

By clicking the image below you can practice 10 free questions of our numerical reasoning practice tests:

numerical reasoning

As Capital One assessments test both for Verbal Reasoning AND Numerical Reasoning (which is often the case in the banking industry), we have developed a category where both Reasoning thought patterns are activated with the Math Word Problems questions.  As you may have inferred, Math Word Problems, are written-out maths questions in a real-life practical situation. Click the link above or the image below, if you want to have access to 3 free questions of our math word problem practice tests.

math word problem

Capital One Interview and Personality Test

Congratulations! You have successfully beaten the odds (your welcome) and passed the Capital One Assessment Test. Now it is up to you to make a good impression on your future employer by showing your ambition, proven work ethic, professionalism, and a dash of charm. Use the proven STAR technique to structure your answers in the interview to shine brighter than the rest of the interviewees. 


  1. Think of a situation where you applied the competency that would be specifically applicable to the banking industry and your job role within Capital One.
  2. Explain what your duties and tasks were in a concise and eloquent manner.
  3. Describe how you applied yourself to the structured completion of your tasks and how you fulfilled your duties.
  4. Highlight and place the emphasis on the results that were achieved.

Typical Capital One Interview Questions

  • Tell us about the most impactful switch in your professional life that you have had to deal with. How did you handle it?
  • Can you tell us about a situation where you were incapable of clear communication and the misinterpretation had negative consequences?
  • Can you describe a situation where you dealt with an unreasonable customer in your professional career? 
  • Can you give us an example of how you provided service to a client far beyond their expectations? How did you identify and respond to their need? 
  • Can you think of a situation where your initial attempt failed, and you had to change your strategy on the go?
  • Can you give an example of a time where you had to balance multiple responsibilities at once? How did you prioritize your tasks? What did you do to keep organized?
  • To the best of your ability, tell us what you think makes Capital One unique.
  • Where do you think the biggest challenges lie for Capital One in the present and near future?
  • Can you describe a time when you had to analyze a complex multifaceted problem and generate an original solution?

Personality Test

Although a personality test may be obvious to some, the true meaning of a personality test may be slightly more evasive to others. So, what is a personality test? has written a comprehensive blog about the topic and they also provide an accurate PersonalityTest which is made up out of 300 questions, so make sure to take the time! It is based on the well-renowned RIASEC theoretical framework developed by J. Holland and provides you insight into a theory of which vocational choice is best suited for your personality type. Click on this link to take the test at

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Capital One Test Package

Our tailor-made and hand-picked Capital One Preparation Package, created by our team of business psychologists and psychometric test experts consists of ...
  • 46 Tests
  • 658 Questions
  • One-off payment