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Odd One Out Test Package

The Odd One Out Test Package includes 5 tests with 50 questions in total! Test your Abstract Reasoning and Deductive Reasoning skills as you will need to combine both to solve these questions. Practice now and enhance your fluid intelligence!
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What is the Odd One Out Test?

Our tailor-made Odd One Out Test Package, created by our team of business psychologists and psychometric test experts consists of 5 tests with over 50 questions in total!

The Odd-One-Out Test assesses your capacity to differentiate between and derive patterns from a combination and multitude of different objects, shapes, lines, sizes, numbers, and shadings. The meaning of the odd one out test is to determine which figure is the most different from the rest and does not follow a logical pattern like is the case with the other figures. The odd one out test assesses a combination of abstract and deductive reasoning and is a specialized non-verbal test of fluid intelligence. With modern fluid intelligence tests like the Odd One Out and more classical fluid intelligence tests like Raven’s Progressive Matrices, the ability to utilize fast-twitch reasoning fibers, abstract thinking, and problem-solving are independent of the person’s acquired knowledge.

Although fluid intelligence has the tendency to peak in a person’s early ’20s you can train your brain to refrain from cognitive decline. Even more so, you can improve your fluid intelligence through means of cognitive training as can be seen with brain games, but also with intelligence tests like the Odd One Out test!

We offer you our no-strings-attached Odd One Out FREE Test where you can fill in 3 questions and we provide you with instant feedback on how well you performed and how you rank against others! Click on the link or image below to start your free test right now!

With our tailor-made Odd One Out package, we offer you 5 Odd One Out Tests packed with a total of 50 questions, worked solutions, and explanations to accelerate your learning curve and score higher on your assessment.

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