Adidas Assessments Guide

The ultimate guide to Adidas Assessments

Adidas, a beacon in the world of sportswear, has its foundations rooted in a rich history of innovation, delivering unparalleled athletic equipment to enthusiasts around the globe. If you've ever dreamt of joining the ranks of this athletic titan, then understanding their assessment process is paramount.

Diving into the Adidas heritage

Emerging from the quaint town of Herzogenaurach in Germany, Adidas has grown from its humble beginnings to be Europe's most revered sportswear manufacturer and the world's second. Its legacy doesn't merely rest on its iconic footwear and attire; it lies in the vast career opportunities offered across diverse sectors. From bringing creative designs to life to strategizing their global marketing campaigns, there’s an avenue for every passionate aspirant.

Unearthing career avenues at Adidas

The horizon of careers at Adidas is truly vast, spanning across:

  • Product creation and progression: Dive into the realms of designing or focus on advancing the innovation front.
  • Marketing and outreach: Where brand essence meets consumer engagement.
  • Tech frontiers: Be it crafting software solutions or diving into data pools.
  • Retail: Shape consumer experiences directly at Adidas storefronts.
  • Supply mechanics and Delivery: Ensuring every Adidas product finds its way to its enthusiast.
  • Human capital: Nurturing the very backbone of Adidas.

Holding high their core pillars like courage, innovation, team spirit, and respect, Adidas has always valued a culture of creativity and evolution.

Setting the course: The Adidas application voyage

Embarking on a career at Adidas? The voyage begins with understanding the meticulous stages involved in their application process:

  1. Online foray: Initiate your journey on Adidas’ career portal.
  2. Cognitive exploration: Delve into an array of assessment tools.
  3. Telephonic exchange: Engage in the first of many dialogues with Adidas.
  4. Day of evaluation: An immersive experience into Adidas' world.
  5. Concluding dialogues: The final discussions sealing your fate.

Delving deeper into the application phases

Preparation, awareness, and alignment with the brand's ethos are your allies as you navigate the application terrain. Here’s a closer look at what each stage demands:

  1. Online Foray: Armed with your CV, cover letter, and perhaps a portfolio, introduce yourself.
  2. Telephonic Exchange: This dialogue with the HR maestro gauges your alignment with Adidas. To flourish, arm yourself with a profound understanding of Adidas, its legacy, and its competitors.
  3. Cognitive Exploration: With tests tailored to roles, assess your cognitive prowess, analytical thinking, and role-specific acumen. Whether it's deducing from data, analyzing text, or spotting patterns, be prepared to showcase your brilliance.
  4. Day of Evaluation: Engage in a spectrum of activities from group tasks to solo presentations, each designed to assess your adaptability, collaboration skills, and pressure-handling capabilities.
  5. Concluding Dialogues: A tête-à-tête with the decision-makers, this phase discerns your fitment into the Adidas ethos.

Adidas Online Cognitive Assessment 

Adidas Online Cognitive Evaluation For certain positions, candidates might be asked to complete an online evaluation. The nature of these assessments can differ based on the job, but they generally measure cognitive capabilities, analytical skills, and role-specific expertise. For instance, a role in digital marketing might necessitate a test on understanding SEO or digital metrics.

Below are typical aptitude tests you might come across:

Numerical Reasoning Test

This test gauges your proficiency in handling numbers, interpreting data, and tackling mathematical challenges. You'll be shown numerical data through diagrams, graphs, or tables, and you'll have to respond to queries based on this information. To prepare, practice swift and precise numerical data interpretation and brush up on fundamental math principles. Do the numerical reasoning test here

Deductive Reasoning Test

This type of test is a psychometric tool that evaluates a person's capacity to derive logical inferences from provided data. It's a crucial component of the Adidas hiring procedure for specific roles, as it gauges analytical thinking, problem-solving prowess, and performance under stress. Candidates will be given a set of premises (like facts or assumptions) and will need to analyze the information to arrive at a sound conclusion.

Given its vast international operations and intricate business scenarios, Adidas values the skill to make reasoned decisions promptly. To succeed in these evaluations, consistently practice with similar questions to get acquainted with the common logic and patterns. Do the deductive reasoning test here

Verbal Reasoning Test

These tests measure your understanding, word knowledge, and analytical thinking abilities. You'll be provided with a text excerpt and will have to respond to queries based on the given content. Boost your verbal analysis skills by regular reading, vocabulary enhancement, and engaging in comprehension drills. Do the verbal reasoning test here

Logical Reasoning

These tests gauge your skill in spotting patterns, analyzing connections, and deriving logical inferences. You'll encounter sequences of figures, icons, or designs, and you'll need to discern the inherent rules and pick the right response. Improve your pattern reasoning abilities by tackling puzzles, practicing pattern spotting, and refining your analytical thought process. Do the logical reasoning test here.

Situational Judgment

These tests measure your decision-making skills in job-related contexts. You'll face various professional scenarios and will be asked to select the most suitable response. To prepare, acquaint yourself with Adidas' ethos and values, and contemplate how you'd address diverse scenarios in alignment with these guidelines. Do the SJT here

Personality Test

Major brands like Adidas and Nike employ behavioral insight tests to gain a deeper understanding of your behavioral tendencies, inclinations, and professional demeanor. These tests don't have definitive right or wrong answers; they aim to gauge how well you'd mesh with the company's culture and team dynamics. When responding, be genuine and ponder how your character traits resonate with Adidas' core values. More about personality tests

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