Linklaters Watson Glaser Test

Linklaters Assessment Preparation Package

The Linklaters Assessment Preparation Package consists of the following test elements: Linklaters Raven's Progressive Matrices, Linklaters Watson Glaser Critical Thinking tests, Linklaters Sufficiency of Information, Linklaters Comparison of Quantities.
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  • 817 Questions
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What is the Linklaters Test?

Linklaters is a globally established law firm with its headquarters in London and they are part of the elite "Magic Circle" law firms. Linklaters only hires the best lawyers as they desire to stay true to their commitment to delivering the gold standard of client service. Linklaters use their global connections and abilities to pursue long-lasting relationships that have a high mutual long-term value. Linklaters training contract and Linklaters graduate scheme are well-known offerings of the law firm. Among other test elements, Linklaters uses the competitive Watson Glaser Test for pre-employment screening of candidates their cognitive capacities and general intelligence levels. Only 15% of candidates pass the Linklaters Watson Glaser Test.

Our Linklaters Assessment Preparation Package consists of a total of 75 tests with a total of 817 questions that come with full worked solutions. The Linklaters  Assessment Preparation Package includes the following elements:

  • Linklaters Raven's Progressive Matrices: 25 tests, 250 questions.
  • Linklaters Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Tests: 10 tests, 150 questions.
  • Linklaters Watson Glaser Critical Thinking extended Tests: 30 tests, 217 questions.
  • Linklaters Sufficiency of information: 5 tests, 100 questions.
  • Linklaters Comparison of quantities: 5 tests, 100 questions.

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What does the Linklaters Assessment consist of

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