Linklaters Watson Glaser Test

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75 tests 817 questions

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Linklaters Watson Glaser Test

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75 tests 817 questions

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What is the Linklaters Test?

Linklaters is a globally established law firm with its headquarters in London and they are part of the elite "Magic Circle" law firms. Linklaters only hires the best lawyers as they desire to stay true to their commitment to delivering the gold standard of client service. Linklaters use their global connections and abilities to pursue long-lasting relationships that have a high mutual long-term value. Linklaters training contract and Linklaters graduate scheme are well-known offerings of the law firm. Among other test elements, Linklaters uses the competitive Watson Glaser Test for pre-employment screening of candidates their cognitive capacities and general intelligence levels. Only 15% of candidates pass the Linklaters Watson Glaser Test.

Our Linklaters Assessment Preparation Package consists of a total of 75 tests with a total of 817 questions that come with full worked solutions. The Linklaters  Assessment Preparation Package includes the following elements:

  • Linklaters Raven's Progressive Matrices: 25 tests, 250 questions.
  • Linklaters Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Tests: 10 tests, 150 questions.
  • Linklaters Watson Glaser Critical Thinking extended Tests: 30 tests, 217 questions.
  • Linklaters Sufficiency of information: 5 tests, 100 questions.
  • Linklaters Comparison of quantities: 5 tests, 100 questions.

Our prestigious e-learning platform and Personal Progression system are well-equipped to strengthen your assessment test skills and help you beat the competition to join the top 15% of people that pass their Linklaters Test. Continue reading to gain knowledge about:

  • Crossover CCAT FREE Practice Tests!
  • Tips and Tricks to prepare yourself for the Linklaters Test.
  • The Golden Rule to increase your Linklaters Test scores dramatically in no time!

What does the Linklaters Assessment consist of

Linklaters Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test

A Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test is composed of a set of five tests. Each test is designed to address a different aspect of critical thinking:

  1. Inferences
  2. Recognition of Assumptions
  3. Deductions
  4. Interpretations
  5. Evaluation of Arguments

Critical thinking plays a vital role in academic instruction and occupations that require careful analytics thinking to perform essential job functions. Critical thinking tests predict judgment, problem-solving, creativity, openness to experience, and more. The Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test measures critical thinking ability, the comprehension of possible evidence when making conclusions, the ability to differentiate between inferences, abstractions, and generalizations through means of applying logic, and the ability to combine these skills above when making these decisions.

Now that you know the theory behind the test, let's put it to good use with a Linklaters Watson Glaser Critical thinking Free Practice Test with 3 questions and worked solutions!

Linklaters Raven's Progressive Matrices

In the Raven’s Progressive Matrices Test, candidates are presented with a matrix that has a 3x3 geometric design, with one piece missing. The candidates' job is to choose the right diagram, from a set of eight answers, that completes a pattern in the matrix that you have to figure out. The questions and answers are all completely non-verbal and the matrices vary in the level of cognitive capacity required to identify the correct answer. As Raven’s Test is strictly visual, the issues of potential language barriers and religious/cultural affiliations are circumvented. Hence, Raven’s Progressive Matrices test is one of the most common measures for general intelligence and used by companies to deduce whether the interviewee has adequate cognitive skills for the job.

Linklaters Sufficiency of Information and Linklaters Comparison of Quantities

Linklaters sufficiency of information and Linklaters comparison of quantities assesses special cases of Numerical Reasoning that measure your ability to compare two quantities with each other using basic arithmetic equations and operations. 

How to Improve your Linklaters Assessment Test Scores?

The golden rule on how to optimize your Linklaters scores is an obvious one, PRACTICE!

Practice for psychometric tests is misunderstood, and undervalued as there is a general belief that you can't increase your test scores. Nevertheless, meticulous and dedicated practice is the most essential tool in the assessment training toolkit that you can use to achieve your rewarding job as it is shown to increase your fluid intelligence!

A review of over 50 scientific studies by Hausknecht et al (2007) proved that you can increase your assessment test scores by up to 35% in a matter of days when you are fully engaged in a number of focused, well-structured, and productive practice sessions. The main methods in which such astounding results can be achieved are through:

1. Practice decreases the level of anxiety experienced due to the familiarity with the test.  Familiarity with the examination process leads to decreased stress levels because physiologically knowing the stressors that come with the examination process beforehand reduces the cortisol levels in the brain which are known to decrease cognitive performance.

2. Practice provides you quick access to proven-test-taking strategies when the pressure intensifies during time-constrained tests and your cortisol levels spike.

3. Neuroscientific data shows that brain-training programs like our e-learning platform enhance your focus and ability to identify the correct patterns.

To stand out from the crowd and be in the top 15% of candidates that pass the Linklaters Test, you will have to bolster your mental acuity and mental agility. Start practicing, to enhance your fluid intelligence and ace that test to leave the rest of the competition behind!

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Our Linklaters Preparation Package has been developed by our devoted and commited department of business psychologists who have the perfect mix of creativity tenure, and expertise required to provide you with the best and most representative mixture of Linklaters Test exercises. With the purchase of our tailor-made Linklaters Test Preparation Package, we will give you access to a total of 63 tests filled with 919 Linklaters test-specific questions, answers, and solutions! 

Our mission is to help you land your dream job by means of making practice for your assessment goal-oriented, accessible, transparent, and efficient. Let us guide you through this process so you can beat the odds. Squeeze everything out of your Linklaters assessment!

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Linklaters Assessment Preparation Package

The Linklaters Assessment Preparation Package consists of the following test elements: Linklaters Raven's Progressive Matrices, Linklaters Watson Glaser ...
  • 75 Tests
  • 817 Questions
  • One-off payment