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BCG Potential Test

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2 tests 50 questions

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About the Boston Consulting Group Potential Test

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is an American worldwide management consulting firm. The firm has 85 offices in 48 countries. BCG advises clients in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. The clients of BCG include more than two-thirds of the Fortune 500 companies. The company reported a revenue of $5.6 billion in 2016 and had 14,000 employees.

When applying with BCG for a consulting position, you will be asked to make the Boston Consulting Group Potential Test. The BCG Potential Test, also called BCG Online test or BCG Reasoning Test, is among the most difficult standardized psychometric tests. The BCG Potential Test is, for the most part, a different version of the McKinsey Problem Solving Test. Just like the McKinsey PST, the BCG Potential test is used to assess the numerical computation and logical thinking skills that are required in consulting. These are the skills that allow you to read a graphical chart, data spreadsheet, and understand what provided data is conclusively telling you and separate this from what the data is suggesting (but not definitely so).

The BCG Potential Test is a math computation, data interpretation and logical thinking test that is used to determine which candidates are granted a first round case interview. Candidates are invited based on their resumes and in order to get to the interview, you need to pass this test. The BCG Potential Test is created in such a way that the skills and abilities needed for everyday work as a consultant at a top management firm are assessed.


BCG Potential Test example question.

The correct answer is to the example question above is B, £6.
A.    If price is £10, there is no consumption, so revenue equals 0.
B.    If price is £6, there are 40 liters of alcohol products sold per week, the revenue will be £240.
C.    If price is £3, there is no supply, so revenue equals 0.
D.    At equilibrium, the company achieves maximum profits on sales.

What do we offer you?

The BCG Potential Test Pack offers you:

  • 50 questions in total! All questions are provided with detailed explanations of the solutions.
  • Our unique Personal Progression Tracking System, that will allow you to track your progression in real time, receive instant insight into your results and test statistics, and let you compare to your norm group.
    This feedback will let you know how much you need to practice so you can distinguish yourself from other candidates!
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  • By practicing with our tests, you will identify the skills you need to practice more, improve your score and confidence, and have a solid performance in the real tests.


Why practice?

Your performance depends on practice and feedback.

When you practice with similar tests as the ones you will be assessed with, your performance and confidence will improve. After all, practice makes perfect. A survey among our clients has shown that by practicing with our tests, their scores have increased up to 80%!

By practicing with our BCG Potential Tests, you will improve your basic numerical aptitude. Moreover, by being familiar with the test format and time limits, you will know how to solve the questions in a precise and effective way.

To help you become an expert in BCG Potential Tests, all our tests will provide you with comprehensive explanations and feedback for every question. This way you will know the areas you need to improve and maximize your performance. 

Being asked to take an aptitude test, like the Mental Arithmetic test, can be overwhelming. For this reason, we provide you the tools to take your tests with more confidence and ensure that you give your 100% in the assessment process.

By achieving a high score on your assessment, you will differentiate yourself from other candidates and come closer to getting your dream job!

Of all the clients that have practiced with, 90% achieved the result they desired in their assessment

Tips and Tricks for solving BCG Potential Tests

Keep in mind these effective tips and tricks when solving BCG Potential Tests: 

  • Its known that the test is very math-oriented and that it's a timed test, meaning that you should be able to perform under time-pressure. Just like the McKinsey PST, most of the questions are not too hard, but you’re expected to go through them relatively fast. You should take 1 or 2 minutes into account for each question. 
  • The most common operations you can expect during a numerical test are addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, ratios, currency conversions. 
  • Find out if you are allowed to use a calculator during the test at the assessment center. If so, make sure you learn how to use a calculator properly and wisely. Effective use of a calculator can help you save precious time and energy during the test. 
  • Read the question and instructions properly. Even though this seems logical, often candidates miss out very important information. 
  • Multiple-choice tests use so called ‘distractors’ as answer possibilities. These distractors are answers options which are deliberately similar to the right answer; in other words, the answer possibilities are designed to test if you read the question and provided information properly. 
  • In some cases, you are asked to attend an Assessment Center and you will potentially be asked to re-do a test to verify your previous test results. Large test publishers often use software that compares your response patterns and performance between the online test and the follow-up supervised test.  Therefore, don’t ask for the help of friends or family! They cannot help you during your test at the Assessment Center.  
  • Be prepared with a pen and a piece of paper when doing the online test.

Good luck practicing and successfully completing your assessment!



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