Diagrammatic Reasoning Test

Assesses logical thinking and problem-solving skills. You need to analyze a sequence of figures in diagrams and identify the patterns/changes.
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What is diagrammatic reasoning?

Diagrammatic reasoning is the ability to understand and make judgments based on diagrams. It requires you to be able to quickly recognise information. Its been around for centuries and has been applied in many different fields from architecture to biology. Diagrammatic reasoning tests measure your ability to understand the information presented in a diagram.

Diagrammatic reasoning tests are designed to measure a candidate’s analytical, decision-making, logical and abstract reasoning, and critical thinking abilities. Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests display a series of operators and their outputs. The candidate’s task is to infer a set of rules and to apply them to new situations. Candidates will not be required to use any prior knowledge, and the questions on the actual test will not vary depending on the role or specific industry where the candidate is recruited for.

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Example of a Diagrammatic Reasoning Test question. Click here for a free test.

In the Diagrammatic Reasoning question above, you need to choose the symbol that replaces the question mark. You do this by inferring the rules and sequences of the symbol as the following solution explains in detail.


Example of a solution in a Diagrammatic Reasoning Test.

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