Increase your job opportunities in these challenging times

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The current developments have a major impact on the job market. Finding a job has become increasingly difficult in many sectors, while opportunities in other sectors have increased. Another consequence is that the application process is frequently taking place online. To land your dream job or take the next step in your career, you have to adapt to new circumstances.

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4 reasons to practice assessments during COVID-19-crisis 

  1. Many people are currently unable to work or see a decrease in assignments. If you are less busy than usual, now is the time to invest in your career and start practicing assessments.

  2. While many sectors are affected, open positions still need to be filled. Some companies even have more places to fill. Amazon, for example, recently announced it will hire 100,000 additional people

  3. Conducting regular job interviews is currently virtually impossible. This makes it increasingly difficult for organizations to judge a candidate. Therefore, other criteria, including objective assessments, are becoming more and more critical.
  4. Even if you cannot find a vacancy that matches your profile, practicing assessments is still useful. According to experts, the crisis likely won’t change the general skills and roles that are needed in the future. Assessments are becoming an increasingly important part of the hiring procedure. If you have been practicing assessments, you are ready to grab your chance on the job market.

Why Assessment Training?

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