DLA Piper Test Guide

DLA Piper stands as a beacon in the global legal landscape, offering a plethora of opportunities across a multitude of practice areas, ranging from corporate law to intellectual property. If you're aiming to join this prestigious firm, it's crucial to understand the intricate details of their hiring process and what makes DLA Piper an exceptional place to advance your career.

DLA Piper's extensive global presence spans more than 40 countries, underlining its commitment to addressing complex, cross-border legal challenges. This vast network not only presents an array of legal services but also offers a unique blend of professional development opportunities. From formal training to mentorship programs, DLA Piper is dedicated to nurturing the careers of its employees, allowing them to learn from some of the industry's most esteemed professionals.

The online application process, tests & interviews

Embarking on your journey with DLA Piper begins with their comprehensive online application. This crucial step requires attention to detail, ensuring your skills and experience align with the job's demands. The process involves creating an account on DLA Piper's career portal, submitting personal information, and attaching vital documents like your resume and cover letter.

  • The critical thinking test: A key component of the DLA Piper assessment process is the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test. This test is a pivotal tool in evaluating candidates' analytical and intellectual capabilities, quintessential in the legal field. The test, encompassing multiple-choice questions, is divided into distinct sections such as Inference, Recognition of Assumptions, Deduction, Interpretation, and Evaluation of Arguments. Excelling in this test is a significant step towards advancing in the recruitment process.
  • The telephone interview: Following the aptitude test, the telephone interview offers a platform to demonstrate your communication prowess and understanding of the role. Here, you'll encounter a mix of competency-based and situational questions, delving into your experiences and suitability for the firm's culture.
  • The assessment day: The Assessment Day is a rigorous evaluation involving a series of exercises designed to test your legal acumen and fit for the role. This day-long event is your opportunity to shine, demonstrating your strengths and competencies through various tasks, including a strengths-based interview and a group exercise.
  • The group exercise: In the analysis presentation, your ability to dissect and convey complex issues is put to the test. Whether it's a specific legal scenario or a broader case study, your presentation skills are crucial. The group exercise, meanwhile, assesses your collaborative and problem-solving skills in a simulated business context.

To maximize your chances of success, familiarize yourself with the test format, practice critically evaluating arguments, and strive for objectivity free from biases. Remember, thorough preparation is the key to excelling in the DLA Piper assessment and embarking on a fulfilling career with this prestigious firm.

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