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The Civil Service Test Preparation Package consists of 12 Situational Judgment Tests with 204 questions, 12 Numerical Reasoning Tests with 240 questions,7 Math Word Problem Tests with 140 questions, and 13 Verbal Reasoning Tests with 156 questions, and 3 In-tray/E-tray booklets with over 160 pages of exercises and solutions!
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What is Civil Service?

Civil Service can be defined as a governmental institution that employs a plethora of professional branches with regards to a state’s public administration. Employees of the Civil Service don’t have any publicly official political allegiance and duties, as they serve the state and not a political party. 

What is the role of the Civil Service?

  1. Delivers advice to the Government on policy formation and is responsible for the implementation of the agreed-upon policy.
  2. Guides the preparation, organization, and drafting of new legislation and regulations.
  3. Offers service to the Governmental institutions on how to run the state according to the passed legislation.

Civil Service Jobs

As you may imagine, there are a lot of different sectors, industries, and branches, that the Civil Service has overlap and attaches to. Being employed by Civil Services can provide you excellent benefits and a competitive salary while enabling you to make a difference in your community/state. Next to this, the work/life balance is second to none, allowing you more time with your family, friends, and passion projects.

Most Popular Civil Service Jobs

  • Civil Service policy officer
  • Civil Service project manager
  • Civil Service Administrative officer
  • Civil Service librarian
  • Civil Service Operational Researcher
  • Civil Service Auditor
  • Civil Service internal/strategic communications
  • Civil Service external affairs
  • Civil Service Commercial strategy
  • Civil Service IT operations management and engineering
  • Civil Service data protection officer
  • Civil Service Technical development
  • Civil Service data analyst/scientist
  • Civil Service Government lawyer
  • Civil Service Economist
  • Civil Service Financial control and operations
  • Civil Service financial planning

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