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Civil Service Test

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47 tests 740 questions

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What is Civil Service?

Civil Service can be defined as a governmental institution that employs a plethora of professional branches with regards to a state’s public administration. Employees of the Civil Service don’t have any publicly official political allegiance and duties, as they serve the state and not a political party. 

What is the role of the Civil Service?

  1. Delivers advice to the Government on policy formation and is responsible for the implementation of the agreed-upon policy.
  2. Guides the preparation, organization, and drafting of new legislation and regulations.
  3. Offers service to the Governmental institutions on how to run the state according to the passed legislation.

Civil Service Jobs

As you may imagine, there are a lot of different sectors, industries, and branches, that the Civil Service has overlap and attaches to. Being employed by Civil Services can provide you excellent benefits and a competitive salary while enabling you to make a difference in your community/state. Next to this, the work/life balance is second to none, allowing you more time with your family, friends, and passion projects.

Most Popular Civil Service Jobs

  • Civil Service policy officer
  • Civil Service project manager
  • Civil Service Administrative officer
  • Civil Service librarian
  • Civil Service Operational Researcher
  • Civil Service Auditor
  • Civil Service internal/strategic communications
  • Civil Service external affairs
  • Civil Service Commercial strategy
  • Civil Service IT operations management and engineering
  • Civil Service data protection officer
  • Civil Service Technical development
  • Civil Service data analyst/scientist
  • Civil Service Government lawyer
  • Civil Service Economist
  • Civil Service Financial control and operations
  • Civil Service financial planning

What is the Civil Service Exam?

Our Civil Service Exam preparation Package is packed with a total of 44 tests and 740 answers and solutions, and 3 extensive exercise booklets! To be more specific our Civil Service Exam Preparation Package will give you access to:

  •  12 Civil Service situational judgment tests (SJT), amounting to 204 questions
  • 3 Civil Service in-tray/e-tray booklets amounting to more than 160 pages of work-style exercises and solutions!
  • 12 Civil Service numerical reasoning tests, amounting to 240 questions!
  • 7 Civil Service Math Word Problem tests, with 140 questions!
  • 13 Civil Service Verbal Reasoning tests, with 156 questions!

The Civil Service application process is typically built up out of a couple of sequential phases that you will have to pass to progress to the next step towards becoming a civil servant. Firstly, you will have an online application where you have to submit your resume, motivational letter and fill in a Civil Service Competency questionnaire. In this questionnaire, you will have to provide specific and in-depth examples of times where you embodied the virtuous qualities as put forward in the Civil Service Competency Framework. 

If you are selected out of the pool of applicants, you will have to tackle the Work-style Questionnaire. In this questionnaire, you will be presented with several statements that you will have to respond to while keeping the overlap between the desired Civil Service Competency Framework and your own character in mind. Try to answer the questions truthfully, while at the same time not being too hypocritical of the gap between the competencies that you are aiming towards having, and the potential lack of skills in your past experiences.

Once you have successfully progressed past these rounds of the Civil Service application process, you will have to pass the highly competitive Civil Service Exam.

What does the Civil Service Exam consist of?

Whether you reached this stage of the application through means of the civil service fast stream, the civil service fast track apprenticeship, or maybe even a local job posting, you will have to pass the Civil Service Exam with flying colors. Although there are many different Civil Service career paths out there, we have found the common denominator in the assessment tests that you will have to ace. The Civil Service Test consists of:

Civil Service Situational Judgment

Situational Judgment tests provide the Civil Service with the necessary information of your general ability to choose the most appropriate action in typical workplace situations. These tests are designed to assess your ability to handle simulated work situations and tackle problems that you could encounter during your time as a Civil Servant. 

A Civil Service Situational Judgment Test operates with four distinguishable answering templates, namely:

  1. Most/least likely to perform: It is your job to evaluate the work situations and choose an accurate prioritization response with regards to the scale from ‘ most likely to do’ to  ‘least likely to do’ scale. 
  2. Ranked responses: here you will be requested to categorize and rank order the options as one that seems ‘ most effective’, 'second most effective ',’ third most effective’, and ‘least effective’.
  3. Rated responses: WIth this response type, you will be required to sort and label the hypothetical responses from ‘very effective’, ‘effective’, ‘slightly effective’, ‘not effective’, to ‘ counterproductive’. You may only use each response, once.
  4. Most/least effective responses: Here, you will be asked to formulate both a ‘most effective response’ and, ‘ least effective response’.

In our Civil Service Assessment Test Package, we provide you with 12 Situational Judgment Tests providing you a total of 204 questions to apply your wit to. 

Click on the link to start our FREE Situational Judgment Test scenario!

Civil Service Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning aptitude assessments are developed to measure a candidate’s numerical skills based on number operations, ranging from basic mental arithmetic to an advanced level of critical thinking and logical reasoning. Numerical Reasoning is a professionally sought-after hard skill that should not be underestimated as it knows many uses. Numerical reasoning tests can be referred to as “number-savvy”, and are often framed as “speed tests” because they have stringent time constraints. These tests are equipped to assess basic numerical ability and generally do not allow the use of calculators. In our Civil Service Assessment Test Package, we provide you with 12 Numerical Reasoning Tests, amounting to 240 questions in total!

By clicking the image below you can practice 10 free questions of our numerical reasoning practice tests:

Also, as there is a crossover between the verbal and mathematical skills that a Civil Service employee needs to possess, you will also be tested with regards to Math Word Problems. With the purchase of our Civil Service Test Preparation Package, we provide you access to 7 Math Word Problem tests with over 140 questions! Click the link or the image to open a tab with 3 free questions of our math word problem practice tests.

Math Word Problem Question

Civil Service Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning tests provide Civil Services with information about your general verbal aptitude and verbal intelligence. These tests are designed to assess your ability to verbally understand and use your verbal rationality through analyzing concepts and statements stated in short and context-rich paragraphs. The verbal reasoning test boils down to reading comprehension. In our Civil Service Test Preparation Package, we give you access to 13 Verbal Reasoning Tests amounting to a total of 156 questions!

By clicking the image below you can practice 10 free questions of our verbal reasoning practice tests:

Verbal Reasoning Example

Civil Service In-tray/ E-tray Exercises

The Civil Service in-tray and e-tray exercises that you will have to face during your aptitude test, require candidates to prioritize their tasks based on simulated work scenarios. You will be given a selection of letters, emails, and reports in either paper or electronic format, which someone might find in their email inbox. It will be your task to respond to as many emails as possible while prioritizing the information that is deemed as most important in each scenario. Employers include this type of test to test your ability to process information quickly, prioritize, analyze problems, make decisions, manage time, work accurately, expressing yourself logically, and tactfully answer questions.

The test will probably start with information describing the background scenario. The background information included company information, policy documents, organization charts, letters of complaint, and role specifics. The subject matter is usually related to the job you're applying for. You must go through emails and memos, return phone calls and manage situations and tasks. These tasks include ranking the given information in order of urgency. In some tests, you have to explain why you took certain decisions and describe the actions you would take.

In our Civil Service Assessment Test Package, we provide you with 3 booklets of Civil Service in-tray/ e-tray exercises, with over 160 pages full of content, exercises, and worked solutions!

How to pass the Civil Service Exam?

A Lot of people implicitly want to know: is the civil service exam hard? I am here to inform you that with the right mix of preparation, perseverance, and determination, you will pass a Civil Service test in no time. As the old verbiage goes, practice is key. It is a common misconception that people can’t score higher on assessment and IQ tests, but this is a false narrative. 

Research has found that we are able to increase our aptitude test scores by over 30%, given the right learning environment and method. If you want to increase your chances of getting a Civil Service job offer, you will need to score in the top 15% of the people taking the assessment. To make sure that you are in that statistical quadrant, you will have to engage in assessment training to beat the odds.

What can we offer you to help you ace your Civil Service Test? is the leader in online assessment preparation and training. With our unwavering focus and unbroken energy directed towards R&D, we have the best assessment practice tests and exercises that are of equal standard to the ones you will perform during your assessment day. Next to this, our innovative IT team has come up with an interactive state-of-the-art e-learning platform that empowers you to ace your aptitude test! 

Our Civil Service Test Preparation Package has been developed by our committed team of business psychologists who have the perfect mix of an inquisitive and creative mind, tenure, and expertise required to provide you with the perfect mixture of Civil Service exercises. With the purchase of our tailor-made Civil Service Preparation Package, we will give you access to a total of 44 tests and 740 answers and solutions, while also providing you with 3 extensive tray exercise booklets packed with a total of 160 pages of content and solutions.

Our mission is to help you land your Civil Service dream job by means of making practice for your assessment accessible, transparent, goal-oriented, and efficient. Let us guide you through this process so you can beat the odds. Squeeze everything out of your assessment, ace it, don’t be scared to face it!

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Civil Service Test Preparation Package

The Civil Service Test Preparation Package consists of 12 Situational Judgment Tests with 204 questions, 12 Numerical Reasoning Tests with 240 questions,7 ...
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  • 740 Questions
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