Citi Test Guide

Founded over two centuries ago, Citi, also known as Citigroup, stands tall as a pivotal leader in the realms of wealth management, investment, and multi-currency banking. Renowned globally for its high-quality services and consistent excellence, Citi has become synonymous with superior banking experiences.

Building careers at Citi: A pathway to potential

At the heart of Citi's ethos is a robust, family-oriented culture, dedicated to fostering potential and nurturing success. As a global entity, Citi prides itself on embracing diversity and inclusivity in its recruitment process, ensuring a motivating and comfortable environment for all employees.

Whether you're concluding your undergraduate studies or pursuing a Master's degree, Citi offers a plethora of career pathways, categorized into distinct programs. The management associate program, for instance, is a crucible for future leaders, providing extensive training in teamwork and leadership skills, alongside a comprehensive understanding of the company's operations.

Alternatively, the academy analyst program tailors business training to forge a robust foundation for your career at Citi. For those aspiring to be analysts, the full-time analyst program offers in-depth training, mentorship, and hands-on client interaction experiences.

The Citi application journey: Step-by-step

Embarking on your career with Citi involves a multi-stage application process:

  1. Online application: This initial step allows you to showcase your suitability for Citi, emphasizing your work and educational background. Clarity and accuracy are crucial here, as is ensuring your contact information is up-to-date for smooth communication.
  2. Psychometric tests: Citi employs a variety of aptitude tests to gauge your numerical and logical reasoning abilities. These tests, though not excessively complex, demand quick and efficient response times. It's advisable to be well-prepared and ready to potentially retake these tests at later stages.
  3. Interviews: The interview phase, often conducted via phone, in-person, or video call, evaluates your competencies in problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership. Preparation is key; consider reflecting on past experiences that demonstrate these skills.
  4. Assessment centre: This final stage includes various exercises, like group tasks and presentations, designed to assess your collaborative skills, communication abilities, and overall suitability for the role.

Preparing for success: Tips and strategies

  • Understand the tests: Familiarize yourself with Citi's numerical and logical reasoning tests. Practice under time constraints to enhance your speed and accuracy.
  • Ace the interviews: Prepare concise, relevant examples showcasing your problem-solving and leadership skills. Research Citi's mission and culture to confidently address any questions.
  • Excel at the assessment centre: Focus on teamwork during group exercises and communicate effectively. For presentations, ensure clarity, confidence, and engagement with your audience.
  • Leverage resources: Utilize platforms like for practice tests and valuable feedback. Consistent practice can significantly boost your confidence and performance.

What is a psychometric test, and how can you master it?

Psychometric tests play a critical role in Citi's recruitment process, offering insights into a candidate's personality, skills, and abilities. These tests are designed to evaluate intelligence, behaviour in various scenarios, and team dynamics.

Originally rooted in educational psychology, psychometric tests have been adopted by large organizations to identify the most suitable candidates. These tests are typically conducted post-application submission or pre-interview, varying with each organization's recruitment protocol.

How can elevate your preparation stands as the premier online platform for practising aptitude tests, mirroring those used by employers. With a wealth of experience in occupational psychology, the platform offers realistic, accurate tests, along with detailed feedback and performance analytics. Regular practice can significantly improve your accuracy and confidence, preparing you for the pressures of real-world assessments.

By understanding the intricacies of the Citi application process and leveraging available resources for preparation, you can navigate your path to a successful career at Citi with confidence and proficiency.

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