Deductive Reasoning Test

Measures your deductive- and logical reasoning ability. Conclusions are drawn from given statements that need to be judged on validity.
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Seating Arrangement

Seating Arrangement questions are a form of Deductive Reasoning where people, objects, and items, are (rank) ordered following the acceptance of a number of premises and/or rules. Excelling at this form of Deductive Reasoning necessitates astute mental visualization abilities.
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What is Deductive Reasoning?

The definition of Deductive Reasoning boils down to the capacity to make an il(logical) inference by drawing on “widely accepted premises and assumptions”. A simple example of Deductive Reasoning would be in the hypothetical situation where you walk into a friend’s kitchen and see a pan on the stove boiling over. You could deduce that the panhandles are hot and you should not pick the pan up with your bare hands. 

To further exemplify, by purely looking at the metal pan producing steam, it does not tell you that the pan is too hot. Although, by being observant that the pan is continuing to boil, it must be the case that the flame beneath the pan is burning. However, we have not discussed the material of the panhandles. If the panhandles are made from rubber the heat does not transfer and you can pick the pan up but if you see that the panhandles are from the same metal as the pan you probably should not. Through integrating all of the prior information, this line of hypothetical Deductive Reasoning could lead you to make a deductively valid argument.

Scientists use deduction in the scientific method to test hypotheses and theories. In a reasoning technique called deductive inference, a theory is held at the basis to “ infer” and make predictions of the consequences of the theory if it were to be correct. If this theory is not correct, the process starts over again and this cycle continues until the correct inference is made. Circling back to Deductive Reasoning, this thought process goes from general, to theory, to specific, to assessing the correctness of the observation and if the observation is false the line of Deductive Reasoning starts all over again. The faster, the more accurate, and logical, a person can do that, the better they are at Deductive Reasoning.

Unlike in the boiling pan example above, in Deductive Reasoning Assessment Tests that candidates will have to pass, the questions are multi-faceted and complex. It will require a lot of practice to master this style of reasoning as candidates have to draw the correct inference while being confronted with an information overload of statements and an abundance of questions that are time capped. However, we have untangled and organized the most common types of Deductive Reasoning Assessment questions that you will have to solve to land your dream job!

Assessment-Training has realistic and reliable Deductive Reasoning Test exercises that are developed by tenured psychologists who have also designed tests for large publishers such as Kenexa (IBM), CEB/Gartner (SHL), Thomas International, Saville Assessment, and Talent Q

Below we will unveil some of the most common types and examples of Deductive Reasoning you will be tested on during your assessment.

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