Cognitive Ability Test

Cognitive Ability Test Preparation Package

Full-length practice tests, including Numerical Reasoning, Number Sequences, Math Word Problems, Verbal Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning, and, Deductive Reasoning exercises! Practise now, track your scores, and ace your test!
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What are Cognitive Ability Tests?

Our tailor-made Cognitive Ability Test Preparation Package, created by our team of tenured business psychologists, consists of 95 tests amounting to an impressive 1487 questions in total! It includes the following tests:

  • Numerical Reasoning: 12 tests amounting to 240 questions.
  • Number sequences: 18 tests 450 questions.
  • Math Word Problems: 7 tests with 140 questions.
  • Verbal Reasoning: 13 tests with 156 questions.
  • Abstract Reasoning: 9 tests 72 questions.
  • Logical Reasoning: 15 tests with 150 questions.
  • Inductive Reasoning: 12 tests with 144 questions in total.
  • Deductive Reasoning: 9 tests with 135 questions in total.

The Cognitive Ability Test is the parent to a large family of psychometric tests that assess different aspects of general intelligence. Performing well on a Cognitive Ability Assessment means that you will have to use a multitude of cognitive brain functions simultaneously or in quick succession. The different cognitive functioning mechanisms that you will need to be able to switch efficiently between and use optimally, revolve around verbal, numerical, abstract, and logical reasoning paradigms. The Cognitive Ability Test is very similar to the Cubiks, Thomas international, Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PLI), Wonderlic, Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) tests.

common characteristics in a Cognitive Ability Test are:

  • Tests a large variety of different cognitive abilities within different fields, topics, and subjects that are mixed throughout the tests.
  • Frequently there are a lot of questions to answer which are heavily constrained by time.
  • Require quick switching between ‘top-down’ deductive and ‘bottom-up’ inductive reasoning between questions and sometimes even within the same question.
  • The subject matter is not particularly difficult, although the additional time constraints and the necessary quick shifts to the required cognitive abilities can make the tests challenging.

If you want to learn more about the Cognitive Ability Test and have the desire to stimulate your brain with our assortment of free practice tests accompanied by matching answers and solutions, keep on reading!

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