Matrigma Test

Matrigma Test Preparation Package

The Matrigma Test is a special type of Abstract Reasoning test which measures your fluid intelligence through non-verbal visual matrices that you have to solve with your lateral and flexible thinking. Start practising today and increase your test score with our scientifically proven methods.
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Matrigma Test

The Matrigma test is a well-known and specialized Abstract Reasoning type test that assesses a candidate's general mental ability. The Matrigma test is designed to measure your capacity to analyze non-verbal visual information and to uncover, reconfigure and formulate logical and sound conclusions out of the complex patterns that are hidden in plain sight. Our Matrigma Test Preparation Package consists of 9 tests with 72 questions that come with full worked solutions. Our prestigious e-learning platform is well equipped to strengthen your assessment test skills and help you rise victoriously to join the top 15% of people that pass their Matrigma pre-employment test. Continue reading to gain:

  • Free sample practice questions with worked solutions
  • Tips and tricks to ace your assessment 
  • How to improve and optimize your Assessment scores!

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