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About The Home Depot

The Home Depot is an American home improvement specialty retailing company, specializing in tools, construction products and services. The company’s headquarters is located in the Atlanta, Georgia. The Home Depot had 2,274 locations in February 2016 and reported a revenue of US$88.51 billion with 385,000 employees.

Application procedure

The first step of applying to home depot is filling in the application form, either in-store or online. In this application form you will be asked to fill in your personal details, relevant previous work experience, and educational background. After you have submitted your application you can expect some basic assessment tests provided by Kenexa. Kenexa/IBM has developed a specific Retail Management Assessment based on their Prove It test battery. Depending on the position you have applied for the tests you will be asked to conduct will vary. When you have scored sufficiently on these tests, you will usually be invited for an interview, where it will be determined if you can start working at The Home Depot.

When applying to The Home Depot, the pre-interview screening assessment tests usually consist of a few tests. First a test concerning your skills and experience in the retail business and home improvement. Then a Personality test, where you will be asked to rate statements a five-point scale rating from ‘’Strongly Agree’’ to ‘’Strongly Disagree’’. These statements usually are work-related, and some of them are more focused on your personality. At last there will usually follow an assessment where your numeric reasoning skills and your mathematic capability will be assessed.

The Home Depot Assessments and Aptitude tests

The Home Depot uses, depending on the specific job profile, one or more of the following psychometric tests during their recruitment process:

Number Sequences

Numerical Reasoning

Personality Test

Math Test 


Word Problems

All Test Package

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Note: It is possible that the organization, based on specific job roles and / or specific personality traits, composes a tailored assessment. As a candidate you have the right to know what you can expect on your assessment day. Therefore, it is wise to make sure that you are well informed before the assessment and request information from the recruiting organization or assessment center where you will take your tests.

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