BCAT (Bar Course Aptitude Test)

BCAT Preparation Package

This package is made up out of 40 tests which amount to a total of 367 questions! You will be challenged with a large variety of critical thinking questions about inferences, recognition of assumptions, deduction, interpretation, and evaluation of arguments!
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What is the BCAT (Bar Course Aptitude Test)?

Built as an extension of the renowned and accredited Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test, the BCAT (Bar Course Aptitude Test), should not be taken lightly. On average, a meagre 15% of BCAT assessment candidates are deemed proficient enough to pass this phase of the application process. However, we have noticed that with proper daily practice, perseverance, and determination, you can triple the probability of acing the BCAT test! 

What is the BCAT?

THE BCAT, which is administered by Pearson Vue, provides a full assessment of a candidate's critical thinking ability, inferential decision-making, interpretative capability, and evaluation of argumentation structures. The BCAT is composed of a set of five tests. Each test is designed to address a different aspect of critical thinking, like the comprehension of evidence-based inferences, and the capacity to distinguish between inferences, and abstractions, which lead to logical generalizations. The BCAT(Bar Course Aptitude Test), has found widespread use in the law sector. Even more so, the BCAT is a compulsory test element to enter the BPTC and eventually be certified and pass the Bar Standards Board (BSB)

Assessment-training.com can guide you towards passing the BCAT (Bar Course Aptitude Test) with flying colors, as our tenured team of psychometric business psychologist masterminds has years of experience designing tests for large publishers like CEB/Gartner(SHL), Kenexa (IBM), Saville Assessment, Thomas International, and Talent Q. Our tailor-made and hand-picked BCAT Preparation Package, created by our team of business psychologists and psychometric test experts consists of 40 tests with a total of 367 questions!

If you want to learn more about the BCAT (Bar Course Aptitude Test, and have the desire to stimulate your brain with our assortment of free practice tests accompanied by the matching answers and solutions, keep on reading!

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