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About Criterion Partnership

Criterion Partnership is an occupational psychology consultancy and test publisher that specializes in online assessments, psychometric testing, assessment and selection tools, learning and development and organizational development and change. The company was founded in 1991 by Richard Hunter in the UK and is now entirely owned by the company's directors. Candidates, particularly in the United Kingdom, may be likely to get invited to a Criterion Partnership psychometric test during their job application process. Clients of Criterion Partnership include Argos, British Gas, Capita and Next.

Criterion Partnership Aptitude Tests

Criterion Partnership publishes several tests that measure a range of work-specific abilities at different levels of difficulty through their online assessment platform called 'Coast' or via paper & pencil equivalents. The Criterion Coast series includes personality questionnaires, aptitude tests (verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning) and situational judgment tests. Criterion's clients are able to choose the test they wish to use in their recruitment process. 

Criterion Utopia Test

The Criterion Utopia tests are for top level managers and graduates and consists of:

Utopia Verbal reasoning series

This test measures a candidate's verbal critical reasoning by requiring them to comprehend and evaluate meaning using precise, logical thinking. Candidates are provided with written information and are asked to refer to this information to evaluate whether given statements are true, false or impossible to say.

Utopia Numerical reasoning

This test measures a candidate's numerical reasoning skills and their ability to understand the information given in a numerical format. The Numerical reasoning test is multiple-choice, and candidates may use a pocket calculator during this test.

Utopia Abstract Critical reasoning series

This test measures a candidate's abstract reasoning skills, requiring candidates to work out the rules or laws from a series of diagrams. Candidates are given a series of diagrams and patterns and have to choose the next shape in the sequence from a set of options. The Abstract Critical reasoning test is multiple-choice. 


The Criterion Partnership B2C format is a mid-level aptitude test series for customer-facing roles, junior management, and administrative roles. There are five tests in this format, being verbal, numerical checking, classification and proof reading assessments. 

Numerical Checking test

This type of test is also known as an error checking test. The test measures precise and sustained attention to detail by, for instance, providing the candidate with two different stock lists to compare for differences or discrepancies. 

Classification test

The classification test requires the candidate to classify stock items according to given rules. This test measures a candidate's efficient use of a rule-based system under time pressure (speed test).

Proof Reading test

This type of test is a work simulation for candidates that are being considered for roles involving error checking in the verbal material. Candidates are given pages of text to check through to identify errors, in a timed test.

CWS (Criterion Workforce Series)

The Criterion Workforce Series (CWS) are tests which simulate the job requirements of production, manufacturing and engineering roles. The test consists of verbal,  numerical, mechanical reasoning, fault detection, and the Criterion Partnership SPC1 plotting test.

Criterion Partnership Personality Questionnaire

The Criterions Partnership Criterion Attribute Library (CAL) allows employers to choose from many different personality questionnaire items and scales. It allows recruiting organizations to determine what their specific personality questionnaire measures, enabling them to customize the questionnaire, including the specific personality traits that are requested for the job role.

Criterion Partnership Situational Judgement Tests (SJT)

The Criterion Partnership Situational Judgement test, also called SJTs, is designed to measure a variety of factors required to be successful in a particular job role within the employing organization. The test is customized to reflect the necessary competencies and specific scenarios faced. The SJT is delivered through the Criterion Coast platform and is used by their clients to measure performance against a range of attributes such as emotional resilience, creative problem solving, customer service approach, leadership judgment, and graduate potential.

Preparing for a Criterion Partnership Test offers various verbal, logical, inductive and numerical tests that allow you to practice and prepare yourself before undertaking a Criterion Partnership test. By practicing these tests, you will familiarize yourself with the different formats and maximize your chances of acing your assessment.

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