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Saville Consulting Assessment practice


Saville Consulting, a Towers Watson company, is an international assessment business working with organizations to identify, select and develop talented individuals and teams. The company was founded by Professor Peter Saville in 2004, he was the co-founder of SHL, now known as CEB/Gartner. The company is a major player in test publishing market and their tests are used by a wide array of companies, from corporations to small and medium enterprises.

Saville Consulting Aptitude Tests

Saville Consulting publishes various psychometric ability tests including numerical, diagrammatic, error checking, verbal, abstract and mechanical aptitude tests that are used for candidate screening purposes and at assessment centers. Due to the fact that the founder of Saville Consulting also co-founded SHL (now CEB/Gartner), the Saville Consulting psychometric tests may appear to some candidates as similar to CEB/Gartner tests. Saville publishes different sorts of test packs according to the different job levels and industries.  

Our Saville Consulting Preparation Package is tailor-made with tests specially designed to mimic the real Saville Consulting tests. By practicing with this package you will be fully prepared for your Saville Consulting assessment.

In addition, with our Personal Progress Tracking System, you will be able to keep track of your performance and compare yourself with your norm group.

We are sure that by practicing with our tests, your application will be a success and you will get the job that you want!

The Saville Preparation Package includes the following tests:

  • Saville Verbal Analysis Test
  • Saville Numerical Analysis Test
  • Saville Diagrammatic Analysis Test
  • Saville Abstract Reasoning Test
  • Saville Verbal Comprehension Test
  • Saville Numerical Comprehension Test
  • Saville Spatial Reasoning Test
  • Saville Diagrammatic Reasoning Test

Saville Verbal Analysis Aptitude Test

Saville Numerical Analysis Test

Saville Diagramatic Analysis Test

Saville Abstract Reasoning Test

Saville Verbal Comprehension Test

Saville Numerical Comprehension Test

Saville Spatial Reasoning Test

Saville Diagrammatic Reasoning Test

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