About ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil is one of the top 10 companies in the world by revenue and market capitalization. ExxonMobil is an American multinational oil and gas corporation and is headquartered in Irving, Texas. In 2016 ExxonMobil reported a revenue of $218.6 billion and 73,500 employees.

ExxonMobile Aptitude tests 

When applying to ExxonMobile you will often be asked to make a series of 5 exams to test your intelligence and sills. These tests are:


Reading Comprehension

The Reading Comprehension test ExxonMobil uses, is a test to assess your ability to read and understand written text related to work activities you are going to perform. The test contains several passages the candidate has to read about different topics. Every passage is followed by some questions about this text, that can be answered using the information provided in the texts. The questions test your ability to recognize facts, define words, and identify major themes.

Numerical Applications

The Numerical Application test ExxonMobil uses, assesses your ability to apply and use numerical information. The questions that are asked during this test can be solved with basic mathematical operations like, adding up, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. The tests also assesses the knowledge of the English measurement system, the understanding of relationships between numbers, and the ability to estimate reasonable outcomes of mathematical calculations.

Use of Information

In the Use of Information test used by ExxonMobil your ability to use information from graphs, tables and sets of information is being assessed. The candidate is presented with a few graphs, tables and sets of information, followed by questions. These questions focus on the relevance of information, the need for additional information, and the conclusions you can draw from the information.

Checking/Data Accuracy

The Checking/Data Accuracy tests assesses your ability to locate information and identify data accurately. The test consists of several graphs and tables showing detailed information, followed by questions. These questions can be answered by identifying the correct information in the graph or table

Mechanical Aptitude

The Mechanical Aptitude Test used by ExxonMobil is designed to assess your skills in working with mechanical devices and concepts. The test contains a several problems that are based on mechanical principles. Some of the problems are only a written question, and some of the questions relate to a drawing.


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Note: It is possible that the organization, based on specific job roles and / or specific personality traits, composes a tailored assessment. As a candidate you have the right to know what you can expect on your assessment day. Therefore, it is wise to make sure that you are well informed before the assessment and request information from the recruiting organization or assessment center where you will take your tests.

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